Game: or Lame?




Centre-stage Hong Kong, a cop with a covert mission: penetrate unlawful gangs using a range of elements in combat, and that keeps you thoroughly entertained.
PLOT: Assuming the garb of Wei Shen, gamers pervade the mesh of the Sun On Yee triad with a mental sketch of how to finish the gangs. But the gangsters doubt Shen is really with them and the superiors question the extent of his involvement.
GRAPHICS: The backdrop, though not entirely authentic, is enthralling and captures the essence of Hong Kong. GAME PLAY: Enjoy the simplicity of a mixed bag of assault mechanisms, several options for combat and a chance to construct play according to your inclinations. There is a free-play option where you inflict destruction at will, but is fun only for a while. The real delight lies in the story. Different actions offer unadulterated pleasure. Blaring stereos, changeable radio stations in cars, hip-hop, rock music – it’s all there.
FINAL VERDICT: Holiday in Hong Kong with abandon. It may not be everything you want in a game, but it’s enough for your gaming pleasure.
Harsh Keswani




Storm Raiders is the new air combat game taking over the Apple Store.
CONTROLS: The game takes us back to World War II, bringing us historic airplanes of each era with their assemblage of control options and variegated paint schemes giving similar games a run for their money.
GAME PLAY: With the disadvantages of being an iOS game, Atypical Games has impressively been able to bring the experience of a home console into hand held devices. This game boasts both offline and online modes and also the option to choose between a hardcore flight simulation and an arcade/free-play mode.
GRAPHICS: The graphics are superb and there is so much detailing in each frame.
FINAL VERDICT: All-in-all it’s a must have for gaming enthusiasts.
Shyam Goculdas



Volume 2 Issue 7


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