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Want to Go Beyond Simply Playing Games? Why Not Get into the Business of Making them if Graphic Designing and Animation is Your Thing?

Technology is constantly changing the way we communicate and access news and entertainment. No longer is gaming limited to the Xbox or PlayStation but has extended to different platforms like mobile phones and tablets, offering users an on-the-go experience. With an increasing demand for new and innovative games and apps, the need for skilled game developers is increasing. A video game and app developer is a software developer who creates interesting games that includes designing the content and rules of the game. There are also many operating systems, which you can choose to learn and design games for.
The Android platform is now widely used in the business industry. Android is a platform that comes with a unique set of features like rich development environment with a rich application framework and a virtual machine customised for mobile phones. From an app that allows you to read Microsoft Word documents on the go to one that regularly updates you on the latest weather forecasts, the Android app market is flourishing with a regular influx of new, practical and innovative Android applications.
The iOS platform: According to recent research, Apple-based iOs products are selling rapidly as compared to other handsets. All of the products and apps are user friendly, which further boosts customer satisfaction and increases sales. The Apple app store continues to expand with more than a 100,000 active publishers in the US App store.
Besides mobile phone applications, video game developing is a lucrative career with many PC games like Counterstrike and Age of Empires becoming popular among teenagers and adults alike. Popular game designing companies in India are Synapse, Syna-G, CSharks, etc. One needs to have have a decent level of creativity to develop apps or games that are unique and captivating. With so many new games being released, it is imperative that anything you create stands out in a crowd. Further, a game designer must be knowledgeable about computer programming, various programming languages like C++ and writing software. One should know the inner workings of the console you are creating the game for. To present an idea for a game or an app to different people, like marketing executives, producers and programmers, it is necessary for a designer to have good presentation skills- both verbal and written. A game and app designer does not work alone; there are many other people involved in the long process. Therefore, the ability to work as a part of a team should be present.
The remuneration in this field depends on your years of experience and your level of skill. A yearly salary of a game or app developer may fall in the bracket of Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs. 19,00,000 depending on the company and the level to which you advance.

Course Canvas

  • Institute of Computer Animation & Design, Mumbai
  • International College of Animation Arts and Technology (all over India)
  • University of Mumbai
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • University of Bedfordshire, UK


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