From Bareilly to Broadway, dancer Ravi Rastogi has certainly come a long way


Ravi Rastogi, born in a small town Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, is the Founder and Creative Director of Moving Souls Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. After years to struggle and hardship, Ravi made it to The Broadway Dance Center in New York to train in Jazz. In addition, he has also attended Salsa training from Aba Kua (New York) and personally trained by talented dance instructors such as Eddi Torre and Frankie Martine. He started Moving Souls in 2010, and also runs energetic and fun fitness classes at various studios in Delhi and NCR apart from his own studio in New Delhi. He specialises  in various dance forms, including Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Zumba and Bollywood, and is also a certified Zumba instructor. In a conversation with us Ravi talks to us about his journey, Moving Souls, a career in dance, and more –

What inspired you to take up dancing as a career?

My brother use to take dance classes. Since I couldn’t study because of financial crisis, I got interested in Dance.


Tell us about your journey to get to the Broadway Dance centre in New York.

Coming from a goldsmith family with humble background, I got dropped from the school at the completion of 3rd standard. My brother was in Delhi pursuing his career in dance, I also came to Delhi in search of some job. I was spotted by an army officer’s wife for one of her events, as a dancer. From then on, I started my journey as a dancer, Battling against all odd, I got training from a reputed dance school as NGO student. I started giving private tuitions as dance teacher. I happened to meet one Indian-American lady, who started learning Salsa from me. I always dreamt of Broadway Dance Centre,New York and she guided me to reach there. Finally, dream came true.

 What makes Moving Souls different from other dance academies?

I think it’s the different styles of dance we offer. Moreover, we make sure to create a comfortable environment for all age groups starting from 4 years of age, right up to 67 years old.


What was your most memorable moment on stage so far?

It was when I was given award for the Best Choreographer on the reality show ‘Ponds Love Destination’ by UTV Bindass.


Who are your dancing idols?

Frankie Martinez


Do you think we have evolved in terms of accepting dance as a career? How?

Not really. Very few could make dance as their career. But now the situation and the mindset of society is changing. With the exposure to dance reality shows, many want to become a dancing star, but it’s still a long way to go.


What does it take to be a successful dancer in today’s times?

It is the ability to sustain the competitive market, knowledge of dance and of course a proper training and certificate from reputed organisation apart from hard work and dedication.



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