Firande 2022 | Annual Management & Cultural Fest Of SIBM Hyderabad

Firande 2022

Firande 2022, the Annual Management & Cultural Fest of SIBM Hyderabad, is here for the sixth time to open up doors of celebration and opportunity to students all over India. This Fest is the culmination of the commitment, zeal and hard work of the students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad. Firande, meaning ‘celebration’ in Swedish, is the place to be for an exciting plethora of events and games for students to test out their skills, have fun and feel the spirit of healthy competition. With a combination of cultural, literary and management events, Firande is sure to satiate the desires of students for a platform to display their numerous talents.

Elysium 2022 is the Annual Sports Fest of SIBM Hyderabad, offering students the chance to showcase their agility, flexibility and presence of mind. Bringing an impressive selection of online games, the excitement and entertainment for Elysium have increased even more. While the pandemic has presented a barrier to holding physical sporting events as was done in the past, the spirit of Dauntless, the Sports and Wellness Committee of SIBM Hyderabad, has not wavered. With more students coming in from the length and breadth of India, Elysium has gotten bigger than before, giving them the platform to showcase their superior gaming skills.

With the theme of this year being Carnival, everyone participating can gear up to feel the fiesta from the 8th to the 11th of February; five days of joy and amusement to give a much-needed break to students from monotony.

Firande and Elysium have always been a success ever since its start in 2017. The fests have gotten bigger, the people participating have increased and the events have become even more exciting and exhilarating than ever. Being a part of the Symbiosis family, SIBM Hyderabad has delivered excellence as is tradition. Even with the pandemic proving a hurdle in organising the Fests offline, the energy has never stooped. Now, they are conducted online on the platform of Dare2Compete. This has led to an increase in participation levels as students pan-India join in to experience the energetic adventures brought forth by the students

With the various clubs and committees of SIBM Hyderabad organising cultural and management events, Firande will be a roller-coaster ride of fun. Antardhwani, the Cultural Club, is organising both solo and group competitions for music, dance, fashion and drama. InkSleuths, the Literary Committee, is conducting their impressive event of Book of Thrones. Graffiti, the Arts & Creativity Club, is hosting Functive Loop, an expressionistic event for art lovers. Pratibimb, the Photography Club, is bringing Snap-Sthetic, the event for all budding photographers. The Women Development and Social Responsibility Cell, Shakti, is organising Sociokriya. For the masterchefs at home, the Mess Committee presents Gourmet Battle 6.0, a delicious challenge for culinary skills. Hustle Puzzle is a contest of creativity by DARC, the Discipline & Anti-Ragging Committee. SCEI Samarthya, the Entrepreneurship Cell, brings Ready, Set, Pitch for innovative entrepreneurs while CoRe, the Centre of Research Committee, has Eventia for all promising researchers. The four specialization clubs and their corresponding events are also designed to challenge the best of the best in all the major fields, with Ecoporium by 7PM (Marketing), Bank-a-lysis by Mint (Finance), Potrify by Humanalaya (HR) & Ops-Aura by Op$-Era (Operations).

Elysium 2022 is standing tall with Firande in the carnival fun as the Annual Sports Fest of SIBM Hyderabad. The fest is organized by Dauntless, the Sports & Wellness Committee of the institute. With an amazing portfolio of gaming events that include Valorant, 8 Ball Pool, Call of Duty Mobile, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Chess, Ludo and Poker, Elysium is shaping up to be the happening event for all gamers.The amusement and the events are all ready to put everyone in high spirits for the carnival at Firande & Elysium 2022. Registrations are open on Dare2Compete and closing soon. Shiny lights and evergreen delights are set to be experienced on the 8th to 11th of February 2022 at SIBM Hyderabad. Get ready to feel the Fiesta!


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