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Looking to Reap the Benefits of a Mainstream Career but also want to keep with the Times? Youth Inc brings you some cool avenues of conventional careers

Ever met a person who said that they worked as an underwater archaeologist or perhaps as an image consultant? Yes, these are real careers that require highly educated professionals. Once upon a time, engineers and doctors garnered a lot of respect and admiration. These professions were not only deemed as highly respected careers to embark upon but also happened to be the only ones that raked in a good salary. This is not to say that this trend has changed in recent times. Traditional careers, like that of choosing to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer are still in demand, bringing home an equally coveted salary.
But times are changing and they are changing for the better. Tremendous developments at the workplace and with regards to the economy and technology have resulted in new and emerging job profiles that are highly sought after by the new generation. Conventional careers within the fields of law, engineering and medicine are being sidelined by those who dare to look beyond. That’s because within each mainstream career, one can now find a host of avenues that are not only unconventional but also hugely lucrative and cutting edge in keeping with today’s advancements.
Today, within mainstream careers, there are a plethora of offshoots that are fast emerging. For instance, when one talks of law as a lucrative career, one tends to think of offshoots such as intellectual property, civil law and international law. However, cyber law is one of the offshoots that has garnered much attention in recent years. Not only is it a well paying profession with ample scope to grow but it is also becoming one that is a necessity, especially with the multitudes of cyber criminal activities that are not only rampant abroad but also in India.
If computers and programming happens to be your thing, choose to get into the field of network security research. Yes, you will be that much sought-after ‘ethical’ hacker that every company can’t do without. The demand for biotechnologists is growing by the day and still requires aspiring candidates to go through the rigours of engineering and medicine. Perhaps you are interested in doing something interesting after putting all your energy into securing an MBA. Opt for social media marketing, a field that requires you to have your marketing skills well in place, to boost the popularity of brands and individuals in the online space. Why not get into the field of fashion management as a fashion buyer, where you will hold the grand position of sourcing and putting together apparel for a clothing brand.
If you happen to know the ins and outs of multimedia design and animation then game and application design is one of the most popular and ucrative careers to embark on. Judging on the number of iPhone games that are released by the day, you can see for yourself the potential that such a career holds.
Or maybe you have always wanted to get into the field of event management. Opt for a career in sports event management to enjoy the perks of this field. Those who have studied mass communication might want to opt for the lesser chosen profession of a photojournalist. Although many people think of it as a high-risk career, what would the world be without the all-important photojournalist who brings the world closer with visual representations of happenings across the world. Education is yet another traditional career that has abundant  opportunities in India. Shattering most people’s assumptions of it being a low paying career, is the field of early childhood education that seems to be picking up in recent years. Independent preschools and nurseries that offer quality education to young ones as well as international franchises are becoming all the rage in India these days.
Another field that seems to be picking up in India is that of cosmetic surgery. If you have completed your studies in medicine, opting to become a cosmetic surgeon can offer you a satisfying and well paying career.
And if numbers and stocks are your thing, then investment banking could offer you that perfect career that you have been vying for. Yes, this career does require you to be smartly suited at all times, just like you imagined it to be! You will be advising individuals and companies on where and how to invest all of their money!
To get into emerging fields within traditional careers, it is imperative to have a notch above the rest when it comes to education and real-world strategies. So gear up, dare to go beyond the conventional and embark on a lucrative and unique career stream.

Conventional careers within the fields of law, engineering and medicine, etc are being sidelined by those who dare to look beyond. Within each mainstream career, one can now find a host of avenues that are unconventional and also hugely lucrative

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