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Want to Exercise Your Investigating Skills in the Virtual World? Explore a Career in the Field of Cyber Law

Lawyers today have broken past the ‘Black Cloak’ image and have brought forth a new generation of corporate, human rights and environmental lawyers. But, an upcoming field in the profession of law is cyber law. In an era marred by hacking, illegal insider trading and compromising of secure data, cyber law is an interesting career for tech savvy people with a passion for justice. India is relatively new to the outlook of the online world as a crime playground. Despite being main stream, the trivial Internet messaging services of electronic mail or email is not ‘legal’ in India. This clearly highlights the immense scope offered by this interesting career. Achieving success in this profession requires knowledge of the law as well as the information technology world. So, the recommended courses are a dual degree BA.LLB course after class 12 followed by an LLM degree in cyber law (even a diploma in cyber law adds up to the same). But, even an LLB degree after a computer science-based course would suffice. Also a basic understanding of international law and Internet protocols is a must.
On the greener side of the grass, a cyber lawyer basically works on resolving cases relating to any criminal activity done on, with or using a computer. For example, your client A’s data was hacked by a rival company B. Now, it would be your job to press charges and initiate legal proceedings (assessing potential damages, possible financial compensations, etc.) An unprecedented rise in the usage of cloud computing, online databases and tablet computing has also exposed the corporate world to a melee of online crime. Thus, as a cyber law specialist, you can be assured that a lack of work is one factor which you can wipe out. In India, the spectrum of your work would broadly fit under the IT Act of 2000, which lays down the framework and structure of cyber law. Despite being amended twice (2006 and 2008), a gaping hole clearly exists, which can be plugged solely by the emergence of smart cyber lawyers. With regard to the career scope, cyber law is booming. In a nation that has an acute shortage of law professionals, cyber lawyers are a rarity. This gives you an opportunity to capitalise, experiment and have a near exponential professional growth. IT is one field in law where consultancy pays far better than individual practices or litigation. Depending on your skills, academic performance and the law firm you’re working for, a starting salary of Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 95, 000 per month is assured. Also, your pay always has a positive growth, rising multi-fold if the lawyer becomes a partner in the law firm.
Cyber law is the place to be if you have an infernal desire for justice and a deep connect with the Internet too.

Course Canvas

  • Asian School of Cyber Law
  • Indian Law Institute
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • National University of Juridical Sciences


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