Female Dominated Professions That Men Too Can Pursue

female dominated professions
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Just like many think that engineering is just for men, there are many career fields that are deemed fit only for women. Let’s ask ourselves since when did professions become gender-specific? If there are many male-dominated professions where women are choosing to enter, there are many female dominated professions that men too can choose to take up. 

Given below are some majorly female dominated professions that men can undoubtedly choose to pursue. 

Public Relations 

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The PR industry constitutes around 70% of women. The field of public relations involves creating content for company/brand clients, developing relationships with various media houses. It is primarily all about promoting a company or brand through media. This is a profession that mainly requires good communication and coordination skills along with relationship building and maintenance. All these skills can be developed and honed by both men as well as women. Yet somehow, only women end up choosing this field, thus making it a female dominated profession. Men too can take up a job as publicists and do an equally efficient job. 


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Men who choose modeling as their career are often looked down upon for various reasons. Men, especially in India are expected to only pursue careers like chartered accountancy, finance, medicine, engineering, construction, architecture, etc. Modeling, even otherwise, remains to be an unacceptable career option for a majority of Indian parents for their child. However, if you hold a strong passion for modeling, you must chase it no matter what. Just like brands require women for their product advertising, they also require men. Many brands like Sabyasachi, Hugo Boss, Jockey, Gillette, etc use male models to promote their brand. The models that work for these brands earn well and also make their way to the reputed and renowned fashion shows. Some also make their way into the film industry. 

Human Resource 

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It is not just women who have a forte in organizing, managing and looking after the workforce of a company. Men too can do it. Although this too is a female dominated profession, there are few men working under human resources. Many believe this field suits women best since it involves dealing with employees’ problem solving, providing emotional support to them, and maintaining discipline in the office. However, human resource management is much more than just that. It also involves calculating and keeping a track of employees’ attendance and leaves, building a strong workforce for the company, etc. All in all, the career of human resources is thoroughly management based. 

Styling, Hairdressing, Cosmetology 

Female dominated professions
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Very recently, the beauty and fashion industry have started witnessing men in job roles of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, esthetician, etc. Although the industry is gradually evolving, it still is dominated by women. There is nothing wrong or absurd if a man is interested in fashion and beauty, an area which since ages has been considered to be only for women. Today, a majority of celebrities have men as their stylists. Even local women salons now have men as hairdressers. Passions should never have any limitations. If beauty is your passion, go behind it irrespective of it being dominated by women. 

Dietetics and Nutrition 

Female Dominated professions
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Why is it that just at the mention of a dietician or a nutritionist, our mind develops a mental image of a woman? If a man can be a neurosurgeon, then he can also be a dietician and nutritionist. The field of dietetics and nutrition has around 90% women and only 10% are male. Men today are interested in foods and nutrition and have started considering this as a career. Since there are very few men in this field, it gives you the benefit of making building a unique identity for yourself. 

Being a man or a woman has got nothing to do with the profession you choose for yourself. If a woman wants to become a soldier, she must. Similarly, if a man wants to become a fashionista, he can. Apart from the above-mentioned career options, there are many other female dominated professions like that of a teacher or nurse that can be pursued by men as well. 


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