Experiencing FOMO? Here Is How You Can Keep Up With Pop Culture

Pop culture
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It’s the age of the internet. With the ever-evolving culture, it is tough for millennials to keep up with popular or pop culture. To stay abreast of the latest trends is not just interesting, but also provides people with new ideas and conversation topics. It is extremely important if one wishes to be up to date especially in the world of business, and more so when the target audience of your market is the youth of today. 

Here is a list of some simple and easy methods to keep up with popular/ pop culture. 

1. Follow hashtags and trending lists

Pop Culture
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Hashtags help people to look for specific topics on social media. Almost all major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube allow users to search for posts with particular tags; these tags could be anything from names of people, places, events, etc to topics like food, music, art and many more. Moreover many platforms provide lists of latest and most trending content. Applications like Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube provide a topic wise list of trending content. According to one’s preferences, one can follow these lists and stay up to date with ever-evolving Internet trends.

2. Influencers

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By following certain blogs and accounts on social media, people can stay up to date with the latest content. Many people post the latest trending content from the region or from all over the globe to keep their followers informed. This can also be in the form of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels or a series of tweets. While some influencers talk about everything which is ‘in’, some choose to discuss precise topics. PopMatters, Everyday Sociology, The Grand Narrative, Pop Cultural Studies, and NewNowNext are some popular influencers that millennials follow. 

3. Talk to people and discuss your interests

Pop culture
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One of the primary reasons to keep up with trends is to have ample knowledge and discuss it in our circles. What better method than to discuss and share your knowledge of the latest trends. This not only provides a channel for a free flow of information but also helps you to discover what things actually interest you. The more you talk and get into discussions the more you are informed about what is happening in the world. The Internet doesn’t necessarily have to be the sole source of information. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to just get your information from other people, so it is also highly recommended to listen.

4. Newsletter and Magazine Subscription

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Many publishing houses and digital platforms launch their weekly or monthly newsletter and magazines. Many news sites and media outlets have an option for setting up push notifications to receive alerts when a breaking story is posted. A lot of millennials subscribe to these sources and obtain their daily digest of news, trends and latest content through these mediums. On subscribing to these sources, people get alerts or notifications on their smartphones, softcopies on email and can also get hard copies depending on the source. Vogue, Brunch, The Cut, Times Life are a few examples of such subscriptions.

5. Join and Participate in Forums

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Internet provides a huge platform to its users in every big and small domain since the exchange of information and communication has become easier than ever. These days we can find hundreds of websites over the internet which allow interaction of strangers. An Internet forum is an online platform that enables people to hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Some forums are specially designed and addressed to discuss fixed topics. You can actively participate in these group discussions online and learn about any topic in the world and not just pop culture. This is a great way to find out what’s relevant to your interests as well as meeting more people who are interested in the same things across the globe.

Lastly, Pop Culture has something in store for everyone. It has lots to explore and people have a gala time doing so but don’t exhaust yourself keeping up with the latest trends if you find it to be a burdensome chore. If you can’t keep up with all the methods discussed in this article, follow the one or a combination of few depending on your preferences. Hobbies are supposed to be entertaining and something that benefits you personally.


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