An Easier Way to MBA


GMAC has launched a new Executive Assessment (EA) test which can be taken by EMBA (Executive MBA) applicants instead of the GMAT or GRE.

According to the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council);the regulating authority of over 2000 business schools, the EA will become the new industry standard of measuring the scores. However, the GMAT/GRE scores are not void and can still be submitted for admission. It is accepted by many premier institutions around the world including London School of Business, The University of Hong-Kong, Chicago Booth University and other institutes which offer EMBA.

EMBA is taken up by all those who are looking to pursue an MBA degree without interrupting their careers. Introducing EA will give a relaxation to all the working professionals looking to pursue an MBA. The EA will supposedly take the place of GMAT in the coming future.

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About Executive Assessment (EA) :-

EA is not identical to the GMAT, but pretty similar to it. The EA is believed to be more business oriented exam than the GMAT. The key difference between them is that EA has 3 sections while the GMAT has 4 sections in the exam. The 3 sections in the EA are – Integrated Reasoning, Math and Verbal.

The EA will have 14 quantitative questions and 14 verbal questions as compared to 37 quantitative questions and 41 Verbal questions in the GMAT. Each of the quantitative and verbal questions is 75 minutes long.The IR consists of the 1/3rd of the total marks and will be 30 minutes long. The EA will have increased a proportion of Integral Reasoning (IR) questions which constitutes 1/3rd of the total score. With the increasing number of professionals going for MBA simultaneously with their job, the EA is definitely a very helpful step in easing the lives of those professionals.


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