Everything You Need To Know About A Global MBA

Global MBA

A Global MBA is a relatively new term coined to define an internationally-oriented, rigorous curriculum with a diverse mix of students and strong alumni network. Although it does not differ vastly from a traditional MBA degree, students have much greater exposure to the aspects of international business.

In order to gain a deeper insight into the program, we spoke to Dr. Lan Snell, Academic Program Director, Global MBA at Macquarie University. The University is the only one in Australia to introduce a business management program on the Coursera platform –

What is a Global MBA and how does it differ from a traditional MBA program?

Global Master of Business Administration is a future-focused professional program which is equipped with tools that help students think critically and innovatively, and solve problems creatively. Global MBA offers the three main points of difference to traditional MBA programs: 1. Future-focused curriculum; 2. The stackable model allows learners to drive the learning experience; 3. Accessibility – its affordable price point makes the MBA now accessible for the many, not just the few

Benefits of a Global MBA in the job market

The Global MBA is an MBA built for professionals who want to future-proof and accelerate their careers from wherever they are located. Global MBA prepares people for the future of work with a spotlight on future-focused capabilities, designed to serve the rapidly growing workforce in an age when AI is expected to automate half the activities that people are paid to do in the global economy.

Designed for the future of work

Uniquely structured around six key future-focused capabilities, the Global MBA prepares students for the future of work and helps in being a master at Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving while building knowledge in key subject areas.

Real problems to solve

It gives students opportunities to solve real-world problems by collaborating with a range of industry partners. Students are challenged to maximise curiosity by testing the knowledge accumulated throughout the degree through distinct phases including ideation, solution development, and pitching.

Stackable and flexible.

It makes the student a future-focused professional offering a stackability where students can work and maintain personal lives while still receiving the rigorous learning experience. It gives access to leading faculty, industry experts, alumni, and networks. It offers an opportunity to develop capabilities that enable students to compete in a constantly changing labour market.

Explore new markets

It helps students develop a global mindset and understand different business management practices.  If the goal is to improve the performance of businesses competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace, a global MBA will expose students ideas that will help them face international challenges more successfully.

Career options after completion of the Global MBA program

Global MBA develops future-focussed capabilities that will help students lead teams, projects, or workplaces across different organisations, including large and small businesses and start-ups. The program also helps students understand international standards of business, making them more suitable to find work overseas as well.


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