Enjoy Rains By Staying Fit This Monsoon

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The onset of monsoon has undoubtedly led to great relief from the scorching heat and high temperatures this year. However, there’s no denying the fact that it comes as a hindrance to our daily routine be it work or workout.

Nothing seems more comforting than laying on the couch and gorging on mouth-watering snacks in this cozy weather. Therefore, our fitness routine can be put at stake . However, there’s nothing to fret about.

Here are a few measures to stay fit, active and healthy this monsoon:


“Simple is sustainable”


  1. Eat seasonal fruits like pomegranate, litchis, cherries, plums , jamuns, papayas , pears.
  2. To boost your immunity, consume :
  • Vegetables like bitter gourd
  • Neem, turmeric powder, methi seeds
  • Add Garlic to the soups and curries that you cook.
  1. Have food items like- brown rice, barley and oats.
  2. Consume drying oils like corn oil or light oil.
  3. Drink boiled water.
  4. Drink lots of herbal teas like ginger, pepper, honey, mint and basil leaves as they contain antibacterial properties.
  5. Eat steamed salad instead of the raw one as it may contain bacteria which would lead to infectious diseases.

Morning rituals need to be kept in mind too.

People who suffer with arthritis should drink warm water with tulsi and cardamom on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing this improves bowel syndromes and also decreases pains in joints.


  1. Watermelons and muskmelons. Try keeping away from goosing too many mangoes as it causes pimples.
  2. Veggies like cauliflower, potatoes, cluster beans, ladies finger, kidney beans, pigeon pea, and sprouted grains.
  3. Food like- Buttermilk, lassi, rice as it may cause swelling in the body.
  4.  Sour foods like tamarind, tomatoes and lime in your diet can cause water retention.
  5. Avoid consuming fish and meat in excess.Non- vegetarians should go for light meat preparations like stew and soups.
  6. Spicy food especially if you face skin allergies as it raises body temperature and stimulates blood circulation.
  7. Avoid street food completely.
  8. Heavy oils like sesame oil, peanut oil and mustard oil because they invite infections.


‘Either spare time for fitness or you’ll have to do it for illness.’

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It may not be possible to go for a run or to the gym during monsoons. It doesn’t matter if you own weights or the preferred exercise equipment .There are a lot more ways to keep your body in shape during such time.

  1. If you like to shake your leg then, you can dance for an hour or so which would provide both enjoyment to your soul and mobility to your body.
  2. Staircases in your houses/building are a great source of exercise. Climb up and down the stairs for a few minutes.
  3. Try doing some body weight exercises like- squats, lunges, burpees as well as core exercises- plank, crunches, bridge pose , leg raise for improving muscular strength.
  4. Keep yourself busy by doing some household chores. This would avoid continuous sitting and bloating up.
  5. Yoga is regarded as one of the best methods for improving flexibility. Little do people know that yoga helps in boosting up the immune system as well a very responsive medium to combat respiratory problems.
  6. If it’s a mild drizzle , you could consider running in the rain. A windcheater with a hoodie and running shoes with grooves would help to maintain a grip on the track.


‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.’

Image Credits: Nykaa

              Image credits: Nykaa

Monsoon comes with humidity and possibility of fungal or bacterial infections. This humidity spells disaster for our hair plus the skin. An average skincare routine won’t do much to help you in maintaining healthy skin during monsoon.

Let’s look at some of the easy tips to keep your skin perfectly healthy during the rainy season.

  1. Hydration

Increase in humidity levels during monsoon leads to increase in dehydration and a dull looking face. It is therefore very important to drink lots of water during such time.

  1. Bath care

If you get dampened in rains, shower in warm water instead of hot water as the latter leads to weakening skin capillaries and damaging the skin.

  1. Exfoliation

Constant sweating and oil build ups results in skin breakouts. To treat this, you must exfoliate your skin with a natural scrub of oatmeal, curd and honey or almond meal and honey or besan, milk, lemon and honey to remove dead skin cells and open up your pores. Do this twice in a week. Use non-alcoholic toners to maintain the ph balance of your skin and radiant look. 

  1. Go sans makeup

It would be better to avoid makeup during monsoons. If you’re reluctant to go makeup-free then use high quality makeup with antimicrobial ingredients.

  1. Lip care

The skin under the eyes and the lips is the thinnest. It needs to be taken proper care. Always keep  a lip balm with you. Wash your lips before bed, avoid using lipsticks (especially the dark shaded ones) and apply coconut oil in case the lips are cracked.

  1. Pamper yourself

You can always pamper yourself with waxing, pedicure, and manicure to give your skin and body a well toned look. Stay away from bleaching and facials during monsoons, as bleaching can do more harm to your face and facial makes your skin rough.

  1. Take care of sensitive parts

After bathing,  put some antifungal powder on your feet, underarms, body folds and groin to prevent fungal infections.

  1. Sun protection

Apply (every 3-4 hours) a water based sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15-30 to protect your skin from harsh sunlight.


‘ Love is in the hair.’

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Monsoons come with  problems like the hair being greasy, dandruff, hair fall.  The increased moisture content in the air makes the hair look dull and flat and the sweaty hair attracts dust. Therefore, hair care is as important as skin care.

  1. Protect your hair from winds and adverse weather conditions by using a scarf.
  2.  Undergo a hot coconut oil treatment and gently massage your scalp.
  3. Wash your hair atleast 3-4 times a week using a herbal shampoo.
  4. Let your hair dry naturally. Use microfiber towels for the same. Avoid using dryers and heating irons.
  5. Beer serves as a good conditioner. Initially wash your hair with beer and then with cold water. It helps to add glow to the hair.

 Monsoon definitely creates a heartwarming atmosphere. However, it comes with a whole lot of difficulties too. Following these fitness regimens will help you to chisel away the negative aspects and keep yourself healthy throughout, physically as well as mentally.


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