Edtech Platforms Giving A Push To Indian Students’ Study Abroad Dreams

Edtech Platforms

EdTech platforms emerged as superheroes during the COVID-19 pandemic when traditional education almost came to a standstill. This was especially the case in higher education. Today, two years post-pandemic, these edtech platforms are helping students to realise their study abroad dreams. 

How? Let’s find out: 

Provides all the required information 

Since edtech platforms offer programmes by foreign universities, they help students gain insights about the student eligibility requirements for admission into the universities, foreign grading systems, pedagogy methods, fee structures, available scholarships, etc. As these platforms work in proximity with these universities, every bit of information they provide is genuine and authentic. This helps students greatly to plan their further course of action in terms of applying abroad. 

Offer experiential learning

Simply having information about foreign universities’ admissions is helpful but not enough. Edtech platforms provide added benefits to students by offering them short immersive programs by several foreign universities and higher education institutions. These programmes help students understand the technicalities of studying in foreign universities. With this, students can easily make informed decisions regarding which universities to apply for and which career path to opt for. What’s best is that these short courses are cost-effective which lets students get a first-hand ‘study abroad experience’. 

Provides a glimpse of demographics and culture

Apart from providing technical information, edtech platforms also give an insight into the lifestyle and cultural sensibilities of the place. This is something extremely crucial to understand for students to enable a smooth transition from their own culture to the culture of the place they intend to study in, peacefully. 

Helps in upgrading and upskilling 

The need for skills differs from place to place and institution to institution. Foreign universities will always want students to hold competitive skills and knowledge. Edtech platforms equip students with exactly that by offering a plethora of courses designed to tailor to the needs of these foreign universities. 

To make students industry-ready and eligible enough to get entry into international universities, edtech platforms are constantly on their toes updating their course structures. 

India is currently the second-largest country sending students to study abroad. It is expected to touch the milestone of 2 million outbound overseas aspirants by 2024 as per prediction by consulting firm RedSeer. Edtech platforms are majorly responsible for this number.


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