E-Summit’22: Impossible Made Inevitable By E-Cell IIIT Pune


The Entrepreneurship Cell at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Pune yet again succeeded in organizing a unique entrepreneurial extravaganza, E-Summit’22: Making Impossible Inevitable.

E-Summit’22 portrayed Global Financial Capitals in Metaverse, urging young entrepreneurs to seek out greater chances and propel the startup world into the next age by contributing to the Metaverse, which aims to erase geographical obstacles to growth. This glorious purpose of bringing together inventive brains from all around the globe and engaging them with like-minded individuals is realized.

Website: https://esummit.ecelliiitp.org/

E-Summit’22 attracted over 12,000 registrations from over 1000 universities across 5 nations. All of the events’ preliminary rounds were scheduled to take place between 19th – 24th March 2022, with the final tussles taking place between 25th – 27th Mar 2022.

E-Summit’22 was a powerhouse of 14 incredible events that disseminated many of the skills necessary for an entrepreneur. TopTalks, BidCon, Flawless, Hooked Up with Design, Pitch Perfect, aQUIZition, MadAds, and Saleable events all together provided the surefire way to achieve unmitigated triumph while setting up a business. Trading Arena and CryptoClash were successful in giving players the thrill of trading. The festive setting essential to engage the participants in the events was provided with entertaining events like Online Treasure Hunt, Brains on Fire, Deal No Deal, and Poker tournament. Each participant locked horns with others for a staggering prize pool of more than INR 2,00,000, bringing their inventive skill sets to the table with great zeal and passion.

In addition, E-Cell IIIT Pune held very informative workshops on the most cutting-edge ideas in technology and business, such as Web 3.0, Digital Marketing, and Metaverse. Attendees were obliged to dig deeper into the developing technical knowledge and position their expertise in these fields.

Under E-Summit’22, E-Cell IIIT Pune brought back the second season of the most awaited and thought provoking YouTube series, Breaking Conventions. It is a YouTube series produced by E-Cell IIIT Pune, aimed at increasing audience tenacity and teaching them about the modern structure of entrepreneurship, from eminent personalities and renowned organizations. Mr Prasoon Gupta was the first speaker, and he took the audience on a brief tour over the importance of yoga. Ms Mahalakshmi Saravanan was featured in the second episode, where she shared her life journey and ignited the confidence of the audience. Ms Disha Singla inspired the audience in the third episode to be fearless in their pursuit of the ultimate goal and to never give up when faced with a setback. The fourth speaker, Mr Abhishek Biswas, expressed concern for the nation and spoke about India’s youth and future. Mr. Vatsal Kanakiya shared his experiences as a venture capitalist and encouraged the audience to keep investing in themselves. The inspiring stories and life lessons by Ms Himanshi Singh in the sixth episode did not go unnoticed by the audience. Mr Paresh Gupta, who was featured in the seventh episode, brought a wonderful energy to the discussion and provided the audience with a fresh way of looking at things in entrepreneurship. The eighth episode featured Dr. Annurag Batra, who provided great insights into the life of an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of dedication and determination. The ninth and final episode has the speaker Mr Arjun Vaidya, where he filled the session with a lot of humor and some magnificent experiences. This marked the end of this enthralling YouTube series.

Breaking Conventions S02:

In the end, E-Summit’22 concluded exultantly on March 27th, 2022, with a closing ceremony revealing all the winners of the 14 events and congratulating them on their outstanding achievements. E-Cell IIIT Pune is delighted about reaching stupendous heights following the success of the gratifying E-Summit. It has fulfilled its noble goal with this event and keeps on bringing wonderful opportunities in the future towards instituting a robust entrepreneurial civilization.

When the idea for E-Summit, a large-scale event, was first conceived a few months ago, many thought it to be impossible. But with a team full of spirited individuals, who set their skills ablaze throughout, the impossible finally became inevitable.


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