Drool of the Month


Darth Vader Flash Drive (Rs.1,899)
MIMOBOT, the makers of the coolest USB drives have given us one more reason to love them. Star Wars geeks will go gaga over this USB drive, modelled in the likeness of Darth Vader. The force is certain to be with you when you remove the lord of the Sith’s helmet, revealing his face and opening up 4GB of storage. If you are lucky, you might even find yourself with the limited edition version that features the Return of the Jediera pale, scarred countenance! Besides lusting over the super-sleek design, you’ll find this drive useful to save a large chunk of your photos, documents, movies and music. Collectors of Star Wars memorabilia will love the blend of storage with style! Get ready

Intel Studybook (Rs.10,000)
Get ready (and tech-savvy!) for the new academic year with this tablet specifically meant for students. A part of the Intel Learning Series family, the highly affordable Studybook is built for e-learning and features that will aid you while studying. It sports a 7-inch 1024×600 pixel display with a highly responsive touch input system. One of the best features is that while this tablet is powered by the Intel Atom Z650 processor, it can be configured to run on either Windows 7 or Android. Built from a single piece of plastic with shock absorbers around the screen, it offers a good deal of protection against wear and tear. In-built 1GB RAM, extendable storage from 4GB to 128GB, front and rear cameras, a microphone and a light sensor for a good video chat experience complete the features of the Intel Studybook. Wondering what makes this tablet stand apart from the other tablets? It’s the education software that has been preloaded on to it. The useful software includes an application called LabCam that support scientific experiments and an optimised e-reader that allows you to read course material with ease.

Angry Bird Speaker by Hitplay (Rs. 6,140)
Still haven’t got enough of the terribly cute but disgruntled angry birds? Then extend your Angry Birds experience with this officially licensed Red Bird Speaker that is compatible with just about any device that has a 3.5mm jack. This means that you can plug in your music player, mobile phone, tablet, gaming system or headphones into this speaker and enjoy sounds other than what the grumpy birds are known to generally make! The sound is decently loud and clear. The fact that the speaker features a volume control along with a bass control, speaks loud enough for this adorably cute speaker. Packaged with this speaker is a stand to hold your devices. This speaker makes for a great gift for fans of the famous feathered, but bad-tempered birds.

Up by Jawbone (Rs.5,200)
It looks like a wristband, but it’s much more. Jawbone’s Up wrist band is perfect for health and fitness freaks who will be inspired to exercise more, sleep well and eat right just by wearing this band! To effectively put it to use, you’ll need to wear it 24 hours a day, daily. It embeds an accelerometer that tracks your movement, giving you an estimate of calories burnt. It also offers a sleep measurement mode that measures your sleep cycle to sleep better. What’s more, this band vibrates at the right moment so that you wake up, ready to take on the day. The device helps you to keep a food journal and puts forth eating challenges so that you eat healthier. The only catch is that you need to download an app on your iPhone that works in coordination with the band. It is easy to wear, embeds sophisticated technology and doesn’t look too bad either considering that it helps you better yourself!

APP of the MONTH

It has been described as an interactive gateway to another world and not just any old app. Meant for youngsters and adults alike, Khoya will take you on a journey of discovery through beautiful worlds. Simply ‘open’ the book to begin your adventure guiding two children, Maya and Talisma, to find objects and complete realworld quests through breathtaking illustrations, animations and text. Khoya truly blends magic, nature and technology together to offer an experience of a lifetime. Engross yourself in the beauty of nature and the thrill of discovering new things with this app. Khoya is a combination of lavishly illustrated pages by Shilo Shiv Suleman and Avijit Michael’s well-crafted narratives.

Volume 1 Issue 12


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