The Coolest Trends In Jewelry That You Simply Must Have This Hot Summer

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Summer is upon us and that means re-thinking your wardrobe and bagging all the right accessories that match your style decisions. Among all the great additions you can make to your outfit, the one that is most likely to make a real impression will almost certainly be of the jewelry variety.

Matching and contrasting your overall look, and demeanour, to your choice of jewelry is always something that, when done well, will pay off in a big way. 

It’s 2021, a year that appears to be far brighter than the last one, and that’s brought with it vibrant ideas and trends that are helping us all to feel better about ourselves and our futures.

The jewelry market is heaped in fresh design and ideas and to help you stay one step ahead, here are a few of the coolest trends to make you stand out in the heat of the summer.

Name Necklace

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Personalized jewelry is perhaps the hottest item of jewelry right now and their popularity has been growing for some time now. This growth is in part down to a number of celebrities; including the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, wearing them. 

A great name necklace will not only be a fashion statement but goes some way to introducing yourself to the world. You can look to go simple or bling the hell out of it, either way it’s a great summer accompaniment to just about every outfit idea you might have.

Charm Necklaces

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These are so effortlessly cool and cute and you’ll have seen them all over the place in recent weeks. They are playful but are also a way to display yourself via your jewelry choices. 

A cluster of charms works well, especially if you go for a less busy effect, and these are good for airy fashions, a nice crop top and a pair of nicely fitted jeans. Perfect for a summer stroll through the street.

Beaded Necklaces

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There’s something 90s about these and that’s an era that’s well and truly making a comeback in 2021. These are available at most main street fashion outlets and you can of course mix and match them up and look to have them lead your overall outfit ensemble.

Pearls and shells go well with the summer vibe, especially if you happen to have a nice beach within walking distance. 

Multiple Hoop Earring Sets

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Hoops are once again back in and now it’s all about shouting it from the rooftops with bold golds and also a push to wear these in multiples. This really hits the trend home and can still be done without being too overpowering.

You can either look to pair individual hoops in different piercings or you can spice things up with hoops that have hoops within them. We love this look and know you will too.

Link Chains, Link Chains Everywhere

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Big link-chains are all the rage, whether that’s on your oversized bags or belts but also in your jewelry choices. Get yourself a blinged out chunky chain, you won’t regret it and these are clearly everywhere to be seen.

These can be loose or as chokers and are very versatile in terms of pairing with outfits. They can be bright and breezy or more ‘look at me’ evening wear. Trust us, this look isn’t going anywhere for some time.

Body Chains

Yes, these are also back in. Perfect for that beach or pool look and can be tight fitting or more loose. These can also be thin chains or back to the chain links, a lot depends on your level of confidence and the situation you are choosing to wear them for.

Again these can be picked up at leading fashion outlets, in other words they don’t need to be expensive items you need to get from the jewelers. 

Pearls, In Whatever Way You Want Them

perals jewelry
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Summer 2021 is definitely something of a period of resurgence for pearls and it’s an item that needs to be in your jewelry case. Of course there’s something appealing retro about pearls and that keys in nicely to some of the overall looks that are going around this summer.

Opt for a pearl choker for a night on the town and something less tight fitting around the neck for day wear. Use them to the max this summer as this trend may not be a lengthy one.

Several Rings

Photo by Jasmin Chew from Pexels

It appears that 2021 is very much the year for piling on the jewelry on your fingers and it’s a look we can 100% get behind. We are particularly partial to colorful exuberant style rings that aren’t all about the glitz of precious metal of gemstones.

More like a fun item that is worn for the hell of it, not for the carats or the bling, you can also consider stacking rings. In other words your fingers should be adorned by more than just two or three pieces, have fun with it.

Boho Bracelets

Image Source: iStock

Here we’d suggest going for mixed metals and again the stacking motif, opt for three or four worn together. These can be with additional gemstones to make them really pop. 

The great thing about these is that they can set off, and inspire, your overall outfit choices. Look for flashes of color to really make your bracelet choices sing.


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