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A blog or as traditionally known as a weblog is an informal discussion or source of information that is easily accessible to the masses. Blogs help people share their knowledge with the world. It is an easy medium to create an audience, build influence and even make money. Today, there are thousands of websites about everything in the world. It is really easy to start a blog. Mediums like WordPress and Blogger by Google make it easier for beginners to create their own websites in just about 10 mins. What makes a blog unique and successful is how well the concerns of the audience are taken into consideration and more importantly, what the blog talks about. 

A blog can talk about anything and everything in the world, some blogs are more successful than others because of a lot of reasons but primarily because of the subjects they talk about. If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a list of some of the hottest topics around which you can build your blog. 

Health and Fitness Blog

With people of every age being more concerned than ever about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it is the right time to start a blog about the issue. If you are yourself passionate about it, you may talk about different types of workout and bodyweight training. Diet is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. What to eat and what not to eat according to different goals may be another point of discussion. These days, the work culture is such that people don’t get time to invest in fitness, so ways to maintain health and fitness along with balancing work life can be discussed. Obesity management and health for specific disease management can also be considered as a prime topic. 

Travelling Blog

In the 21st century, travelling has become a popular hobby. While a lot of people are interested in travelling, many find it difficult to come up with a proper itinerary. Blogs discussing transportation, habitation, adventure activities, specialities of a place and primarily which places to explore, can be very successful. Cultural specialities, tourist spots, must visit-natural landscapes and top things to do in the place could be discussed. Recently nature walks and eco-tourism are being extensively explored, this can also be covered in the blog. Moreover, travelling on a budget is one of the most in-demand topics, which people are constantly looking for. Travelling is a domain that interests a wide range of audiences, whether it is indigenous travellers or people who want to explore foreign lands, thus making itself, one of the hottest blogging themes. 

Literary Blog

There are a lot of people from different corners of the world who look for reading recommendations and inspiration to write. Lovers of literature and poetry form a huge audience for literary blogs. Besides poetry and mainstream literature, writers may also put up limericks, micro tales, snippets, and musings. Not only creative writing but blogs related to language and learning are also becoming popular, blogs related to foreign languages are coming up. People who are good with one-liners or have a humorous approach towards everyday things or politics or current affairs can also start influencing blogs that might attract a huge audience.

Food Blog

In the last decade, the science of food has emerged as something of great importance. Whether it is preparation or presentation, nutrition is now considered an art. A blog on food and nutrition can thrive really well if you are passionate about it. Customised recipes for couples without children, the elderly, parties of every theme can be shared online. Moreover, exotic ingredients raise curiosity, a discussion on that can give a boost to the blog. As more and more people are switching to a vegan lifestyle, a vegan diet can be another subtopic in the blog. Lunch box ideas, 10-minute foods, healthy and tasty dishes and easy to make meals can also be covered in the blog.

An Art Blog

This is the most popular type of blog. It includes various sub-fields that can be explored. Photography is one of the booming areas. The art of photography has rocketed with the birth of social media. Nature photography, historical photography, travelling photography, food and culture photography are quite popular. DIY or do it your self blogs allow you to present your skills along with your creativity. People can shoot or give instruction and share ideas of DIY projects, businesses and even sell homemade items by starting a DIY blog. A fine arts blog about painting, calligraphy, sketching, sculpture, etc can also be a subject of a successful blog.

Other interesting blog themes could be, beauty, fashion, technology, lifestyle, motivation, and public speaking. A blog can be about anything that you are passionate about. While some of the most fruit fetching ideas for a flourishing blog are discussed in this article, you don’t have to be restricted to these topics. Your love for what you do will get your blog rolling. Whether it is adrenaline sports or pet grooming, if you are equipped with all the information about the topic, you can construct a well-to-do blog. All the best!


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