Chennai School Girl Srihita Donates Rs.1.50 Lakh to Police for CCTV

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Image Credits: Indian Express Tamil

In some heart-warming news, Srihita, a nine-year-old schoolgirl has made a massive donation to the police. She collected and pooled all of her savings, culminating in a total of Rs. 1.50 lakhs, and offered it as a donation to the police in Chennai.

Primarily, CCTVs work as a deterrent, discouraging potential criminals from committing questionable acts in the first place. The knowledge of their presence leads to a general sense of safety among the population. CCTVs are also massively useful to the police, who can function much more efficiently with all the extra eyes. The police have been taking steps to spread awareness about the usefulness of this technology to their work in aiding people’s safety.

CCTV or a Closed Circuit Television is a system that consists of a camera and other recording devices used to monitor places, people, properties etc.  The data recorded is then transferred to other devices like computers, mobile phones etc. using Internet Protocol solutions.

Here are a few advantages of using CCTV Surveillance System:

  • These CCTV cameras provide enhanced security with utmost clarity and easy access.
  • It helps to keep a track of any production mishaps or processes in industrial units.
  • They are a must for every retail store, supermarkets and other shopping areas in case of shoplifting    experiences.
  • Some CCTV cameras have an alarm system attached to it so it can help prevent a breach of security.
  • They are made of durable material, making them last longer.
  • People can enjoy their holidays free of worry with the security of their homes insured. People who employed babysitters at home to look after young ones can be kept in check while live streaming it on your phones or laptops.
  • Governments have started to make use of CCTV cameras to regulate traffic and keep a check on people’s actions in public places.

Srihita’s intent is that the money donated by her is used to install CCTVs throughout Chennai, making it safer. She learned of the importance and benefits of CCTV surveillance at a seminar the police had organized at her father’s workplace. As a gesture of appreciation, the city’s police commissioner A K Viswanathan invited her to his office, to speak with her and personally thank her.

The question of security and safety is something that is a major concern for the public. Whether it’s a property, commercial building or street corners, the best way to prevent crimes like burglary or other threats is the presence of CCTV cameras surveying our environment. The aim is to spread as much awareness as possible regarding how we can mold the advancement of technology and use it for our protection.


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