CBSE Cancels The 12th Board Exams, Now What Will The State Board Decide?

12th board examinations
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The CBSE class 12 students are rejoicing over the cancellation of their board examination by the authorities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting yesterday, i.e. 1st June, with all the concerned officials regarding arranging for exams amid the pandemic. After careful consideration and in-depth discussion, it was finally decided to suspend the 12th board examinations and elevate the students using a different assessment technique.

Government of India has decided to cancel the Class XII CBSE Board Exams. After extensive consultations, we have taken a decision that is student-friendly, one that safeguards the health as well as future of our youth.”, PM Modi tweeted. 

The 12th board examinations of the CISCE board also have been cancelled. Although the class 12 CBSE  and CISCE students have breathed a sigh of relief, those from the state board are left feeling anxious as the decision of their board examinations is yet to be announced. 

So what exactly is happening with the state board class 12 examinations? 

After the centre’s decision to cancel the board examination, the Maharashtra government’s School Education Minister, Varsha Gaikwad has said that it will take the decision on the HSC examination at the earliest. The minister had earlier told the Bombay High Court that it was awaiting the centre’s decision to make it’s own. The state government has welcomed this decision of the centre in the wake of ensuring student’s safety. 

On the other hand, the state of Bihar has already conducted its 12th board examination and also declared the results. Further, the Chattisgarh board or CGBSE have begun with their 12th board examinations today following the open-book format. Students are expected to visit their assigned examination centre to collect the question papers and answer sheets and submit them by June 5. 

The government of Madhya Pradesh too has cancelled the examinations, the state’s Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan announced. Haryana and Gujarat too, have cancelled their class 12 state board’s examinations. The three states further stated that the evaluation criteria will be announced soon. 

Many academicians, activists and politicians have asked the centre to put in place a uniform policy for the entire nation to assess student’s academic performance. A petition too, has been filed by Advocate Mamata Sharma seeking the cancellation of other board’s 12th examination. She said that she will be raising concerns over state board 12th examinations in the Supreme Court in the upcoming hearing which is going to take place on 3rd June, 2021. 

Till that time, students belonging to the state board will have to stay calm and hope for the best. 


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