bad habits to avoid in a relationship

5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin A ‘Forever’ Kinda Love Relationship

Are you and your partner continuously getting into a feud? Are you always angry with your partner? Is there too much disagreement...
places of great architecture

6 Must-Visit Places For Architecture Lovers

Frank Gehry a Canadian born, the world-renowned architect said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness.''  
peer pressure

Simple Ways To Tackle Peer Pressure

‘Peer Pressure’ a term we all have come across many times till now in statements like “I did what I did due...
romantic monsoons

Spend A Great Romantic Monsoon With Your Partner

It is a cloudy day, a cool breeze is blowing, which is then followed by rains. Coolness has settled in the city....
rape with men

Rape: A Crime That Should Not Be Gender Specific

Section 375 of The Indian Penal Code defines rape as follows - “A man is said to commit “rape”...
long distance relationship

Effective Ways That Will Make A Long Distance Relationship Last Long

Before we begin to focus on the ways to make a long distance relationship last long, let us please realize that a long distance...
how to overcome failure

A Simple Guide To Face Failure Successfully

“No great success was ever achieved without failure” Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping...
Ripped Denim

Ripped Denim: A Style That Will Never Run Out Of Fashion

“Less is more with ripped jeans” is rightly said. Your ripped pair of jeans is a staple to your wardrobe. The obsession...

Finding My Corner Between The Dhauladhars

Late February, I decided I didn’t want to go home for my mid-semester break. The hot weather back home in Tamil Nadu wasn’t a...
adventure destinations

5 Lesser Known Adventure Destinations Every Travel Enthusiast Must Visit

Adventure lovers are always looking out for adventure destinations to visit. They like to undertake adventurous activities that are filled with joy,...

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