Social Media Addict

8 Perfect Signs That Prove You Are A Social Media Addict

Sharing, uploading, commenting, liking, double tapping, reacting, and tagging has become an ongoing everyday activity. From the time we open our eyes...
Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

6 Best Ways To Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

As friends grow up they also grow apart. That is the way of life. But you can change it if you really...
Friendly Advice

5 Relationship ‘Friendly Advice’ You Should Never Take From Your Friends

We all turn to our friends for friendly advice whenever a problem arises. Why shouldn’t we? After all, they always hear us...
self care routine

5 Free Self-care Activities That Actually Work

Be healthy and save money. Is the drudgery of exams, work-life or relationships getting to you? One of...
dating an older women

10 Things To Know If You Want To Date An Older Woman

If you have fallen head over heels in love with a woman who is more than a year older than you, and...
animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty: A Matter Of Grave Concern

If your animal love is only restricted to petting your own pet or feeding biscuits to stay animals or commenting ‘aweee’ on...

5 Smart Comebacks For Those Who Underestimate You

There are tons of people who will tell you ‘I am not sure if you will be able to do that’. Before...
monsoon skincare

Monsoon Skincare Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The much-awaited season of monsoon requires a dedicated skincare regime to counter the humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Taking care of your skin...
mid-day hunger

Bid Adieu To Mid-day Hunger Pangs

Do you feel hungry post-breakfast? Do you also feel hungry post-lunch? Do you almost everyday turn to order pizzas, wraps and burgers?...

Kargil: The Epitome Of Heaven Through Lens

Tiger Hill  The snow-capped mountain in the background is called Tiger Hill. It stood as the final frontier...

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