Work on Your Life Skills

Kiran Bajaj, principal of Greenlawns High School, Mumbai, talks about easing the transition from school to college


Despite the number of IITS more than doubling in the last three years, aspirants still favour the seven established institutes over the eight new ones

Seamless Connections

If you haven’t yet, do go online and read the most popular version of the founding of Stanford University. Whether it depicts the truth...

Over 65 Indian B-Schools to Shut Down

More than 65 business management colleges across India are planning to shut down. It has come to be known that these institutes no longer...

UK University Course To Study Hazare's Anti-Corruption Movement

Students at the Centre for the Study of Corruption of the University of Sussex will soon study about social activist Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement....

The English Patient

When students from regional schools move to college, the face one more adjustment compared to the others- that of coping with the English as the first language. Youth Inc digs deeper!

Jindal Teams Up With US Law Schools To Provide Dual Degree In Law

The Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the US-based Maurer School of Law at Indiana University to...

K C Mahindra Offers Scholarships To Study Abroad

Applications for the K C Mahindra Education Trust 2012 scholarships are now open. The interest-free loan scholarships are offered only to Indian nationals who...

One Step Ahead

The Advanced Placement Tests are going to be administered in India for the first time in May. Youth Inc provides the details

Revised Company Secretary Foundation Programme Takes Off

In February 2012, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) launched a new syllabus for the company secretary (CS) foundation programme. This new...

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