Off- Beat Education – Not For The Herd Mentality

Education has always been a big subject in India. From prestigious national universities to small town educational academic institutions, India is slowly becoming a...
career options

Career Options In Arts After 12th

In recent years, there has been a constant rise in the number of students opting for Arts after 10th. The myth that this stream...

Event Diary – Aug 2013

On July 16 2013, Istituto Marangoni opened the doors of its Representative Office in Mumbai. Having produced some of the biggest names in the fashion...

Magic: A Lucrative Career Option

A brief into the world of magic Four easy magic tricks you can learn and perform Ugesh Sarcar talks about his career in magic
Storyboard Artist

A Career As A Storyboard Artist Is Much More Than Just Designing

The job of a storyboard artist is essentially of translating screenplays and sequences into illustrations, as seen in comic books. For this,...

The Art of Mixing

Mixologist and beverage educator yangdup lama speaks to beverly pereira about what it takes to be on the other side of the bar
Food And Beverage Industry

10 Exciting Jobs In The Food And Beverage Industry For Foodies

There is much more to food than just eating it. If you have ever gone beyond just eating and dived deep into...

Career In Marketing – How College Students Can Plan For It

Marketing is a diverse field with multiple challenges and barriers that many students will have to face. The industry is ever evolving and has...

Perks Of Choosing To Enter The World Of Entrepreneurship

Everyone wants to get an education and then take up a job. Are there enough jobs though, for everyone who is qualified?...
campus influencer

How Do I Become A Campus Influencer For A Brand?

“JOIN THE MOVEMENT. BECOME A DW CAMPUS INFLUENCER” is what the headline on the global watch company Daniel Wellington’s website states. “To continue building...

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