Careers To Explore If You Have A Degree In English Literature

English Literature

After graduating college, students usually look for jobs in their concerned fields or go for higher education and pursue a Master’s degree. With a degree in English Literature, a lot of people think that doing a Master’s is the only way to climb up the ladder and get work experience. However, there are a lot of career opportunities in this field and students often aren’t aware of the opportunities available. With this degree, students are experts in highly sought-after skills like researching, reading texts, analysing the written word and communicating effectively. It is important to learn about the career options so that you can find one that suits your skills best.

After years of reading literature, analyzing texts for meaning and drawing conclusions in your writing, you may wonder how to best apply your knowledge in the workplace. While the work you do after graduation might not look exactly the same as when you were studying, you will undoubtedly use the finely-tuned skills you’ve learned in your future role.

Throughout your English literature program, you likely became an expert in all things writing and rhetoric. Most English lit majors are also experienced when it comes to expressing their thoughts and communicating effectively. Reading analytically, thinking critically and communicating clearly are foundational proficiencies that can help you pursue jobs in a variety of fields, such as publishing, media and journalism, academia, law and marketing and public relations.


Journalists report on news, like national politics and local events, and play an important part in helping the public stay informed. These professionals research, investigate and gather the information that they can use in their stories. In addition, journalists are responsible for holding interviews, maintaining important contacts and verifying statements and facts. Having a background in English literature can help you perform key responsibilities, including writing and presenting stories in a cohesive format.


Paralegals support lawyers by drafting documents, maintaining files, creating organizational systems, performing research and calling on legal witnesses. Often referred to as legal assistants, paralegals perform research, write legal documents and collaborate with their colleagues to streamline clients’ legal cases.

English Teacher

English teachers are professional educators who focus specifically on the English language and literature. Most commonly found in middle and high schools, English teachers have the opportunity to share their passion for reading, writing and critical thinking with their students. These teachers are responsible for planning lessons, developing curriculum, instructing students, grading work, communicating with students and parents, providing support and interventions to students of all levels, advising and mentoring.

Editorial Assistant 

Editorial assistants work in both an editorial and administrative role. They provide direct assistance to editors of newspapers, magazines and other publications by taking calls, running errands, doing research and performing other tasks as needed. Further, editorial assistants serve publications by verifying facts, proofreading for grammar and punctuation, communicating with writers and selecting content for publication. English literature majors’ attention to detail and effective communication skills will be useful in this role.


Copywriters serve in various fields to craft original, attention-grabbing text based on a client’s instructions. This is a creative role that English literature majors may enjoy for its writing, reading and proofing responsibilities. Copywriters often work in the advertising field, writing slogans, jingles, scripts, blog content and more.

Copy Editor 

Copy editors revise written material to make it easier to read, and they can work in a variety of fields, such as journalism, marketing, academia and advertising. Using their knowledge of grammar and writing styles, editors are responsible for proofreading text to guarantee an error-free copy. They can edit books, websites, journals, articles and more.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers handle the management of brand awareness and promotional campaigns. They can work in a variety of fields but typically work in the business sector to attract more customers and encourage them to engage with a brand. Many marketing managers work in a supervisory role where they manage other staff. English literature majors who have experience writing, problem-solving and collaborating on creative projects may enjoy serving as marketing managers.

Academic Advisor 

An academic advisor provides guidance to students and parents on a school’s academic curriculum, recommended resources and educational opportunities. This role is a great option for those looking to get involved in education without taking on in-classroom responsibilities. Like English literature majors, academic advisors must be organized, detail-oriented communicators with a passion for supporting continued education.


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