Careers In Digital Media For The Young Enthusiasts

Career in Digital Media
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The field of digital media is vast. When we speak about digital media, it includes any form of media that is electronic in nature. Digital media is the form of media where information is shared, received and exchanged through gadgets that have access to the internet. Digital media is also inclusive of television and radio.

Media today is expanding at a rapid pace, especially with technology and internet connectivity reaching almost every single corner of the earth. This has given a massive rise to innumerable career options to many. 

Under this, the core digital media industry too has opened up my many job roles which, an individual who has a mad passion in things like digital images, illustrations, animations, design, audio and video effects, reporting, videography, cinematography, photography, etc, can take up. 

For building a successful career in the field of digital media, is it’s essential to have a sound qualification. You must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition to that, you can take up many courses that provide you with the practical knowledge of the field like a course in animation or digital designing or video editing.

There are various careers in the digital media industry to choose from. Let us have a look at some of those options: 

Video Editor

Career in Digital Media
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The internet is flooded with videos right from innumerable web series to short videos and films. In addition to this, films and daily soaps have always been there for a long long time. This holds immense scope for video editors. They are in high demand. As a video editor, you will be expected to put together frames/videos shot by the videographer by adding effects, subtitles, cutting and trimming, and much more. You must know to edit and mixing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and FCP, in order to become a video editor.

Digital Journalist

Career in Digital Media
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Becoming a journalist is no cakewalk. If you have a thirst to go behind things and the hunger to know everything about the current affairs as well as the knowledge about important past events, then you must definitely think of pursuing digital journalism. Digital Journalism is having a rich prospect since the internet is an independent medium free from excessive government control. This allows you to practice courageous journalism and bring to people’s attention the real events that matter. To be a digital/broadcast journalist, you must have strong communication and analysis skills. You will be required to have a bachelor’s degree more preferably in media or journalism or political science.

Illustrator/Graphic Designer 

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If you wish to become an Illustrator or Graphic Designer, you must have a strong eye for design. Graphic designers and illustrators are tremendously creative. You too must be creative if you wish to enter this field. As an illustrator and graphic designer, you will mostly be working with different brands in their advertising department with advertising agencies. Your job role will demand you to create brand logos or design the posters or ads of the brand.

Website Developer and Designer

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Today, every little shop also has its own website. Imagine the amount of scope you will have as a website developer. Here too you will have to make your creative mind run. Website designers create and code internet sites by combining texts, images, sounds and videos to provide detailed information about a company/brand/store/service, etc. A website designer creates the entire website right from its layout to choosing the colour schemes. To develop and design a website, you will need the knowledge of coding, computer programming and designing software. 


Career in Digital Media
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Again a creative profession and equally challenging, cinematography and photography are for those who can’t keep their cameras down. If you are a lover of visuals, you can choose this profession and serve to the viewers some amazing visuals clicked/shot by you. To be a cinematographer/videographer, you must know how to operate a camera and all of its technicalities.

Apart from the above-given options, there are other options too which include cartoonist, computer games developer, landscape designer, film effect designer, etc.

It is important for you to know that apart from the educational qualifications, you must also have a good amount of internship experience. You must also build a strong portfolio. For example, if you want to become an illustrator, you must have a few samples of the designs created by you. 

A career in the digital media industry is undoubtedly rewarding given that technology has opened up many spaces in the media itself. Moreover, with the social media attracting a large number of people, personnel in the digital media field have immense scope in their careers.


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