Body Canvas Tattoos Helped Acid Attack Survivors Find Career In Tattoo Art In An Introductory 2-day Workshop

Body Canvas

In association with team Stop Acid Attacks (Chhanv Foundation), Vikas Malani-Founder, Body Canvas Tattoos & Piercings conducted a workshop in philanthropy for acid attack survivors to introduce them with the art of tattooing so that later they may pursue employment opportunities in tattoo art. The 2-day workshop was held on 28th & 29th August 2017 at Sheroes Hangout in Lucknow and was the third edition of tattoo workshop after two successful workshops ones in Delhi and Agra this year. 

Chhanv Foundation is a first-of-its-kind non-profit organization dedicated to fighting against acid attacks on women through its prominent campaign Stop Acid Attacks. It also provides a shelter to the women undergoing treatment in the city and also works with them to boost their self confidence.

In attendance was the Director of Chhanv Foundation & an acid attack survivor, Laxmi along with other survivors, Anshu, Jeetu, Kavita, Rajni, Ashma, Preeti, Rupali, Reshma, Garima, Kunti and Farah. To give them a realistic practice experience, they were made familiar with the tattoo equipments/machines and got a chance to try their hands at tattooing, apart from getting themselves inked as well.

Laxmi, Director of Chhanv Foundation and an inspiration to many said, “I am getting a meaningful tattoo which is connects to my soul; it is symbolic to freedom because I want to put across the message to the society what free will is and the liberty to choose, or have an opinion means to us. At Chhanv, we believe in creating an atmosphere where the survivors can relax and rebuild their confidence without revisiting their pain and suffering. We regularly organize trainings, workshops, counseling sessions and many other programs to support and facilitate the survivors. This tattoo career workshop is in line with what we strive for, and therefore we are happy to collaborate.”

Talking about the workshop and the association, Vikas Malani, Founder, Body Canvas Tattoos, and the most sought after tattoo artist in India said, “With this association, we aim to empower the women survivors of acid attacks by giving them free training to become professional tattoo artists. We would like to boost their confidence and welcome them to Body Canvas’ positive environment and energetic workforce”.

Body Canvas Tattoos was started with Vikas’ vision to increase awareness and understanding of the art of tattooing, removing social stigmas attached to it, and to promote tattooing as a career and encourage creative & talented tattoo artists. BodyCanvas is one of the leading brands with studios across Mumbai, Delhi and London.

The initiative has been taken with a hope that these survivors, who have faced a lot of pain and agony along with emotional trauma, could be provided the privilege of learning tattooing and hopefully, take it on as a profession.



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