Blogger of The Month – Sankara Subramanian

Sankara Subramanian
Sankara Subramanian, the founder of ‘Be On The Road’ travel blog, is your regular middle class Indian who has made ‘An Active Travel Lifestyle’ as his full-time career and life. Eight years back, this 34 year old Tam-Brahm from Bangalore chose to live his dream of experiencing the world in his own slow way. And there has been no looking back since.
Be On The Road is all about his experiences from all around the planet and a lot of tips, ideas and recommendations for all those people who wish to live their travel dream and create their own story. This travel blog talks about pushing your limits either in the world of travel or in life per se, surviving as a global vegetarian traveller, seeing the world through the local’s eyes by immersing oneself wholeheartedly into the local culture, doing our bit to make the world a better place through community service, learning through the school of traveling, exploring the so called tough destinations and getting to understand ourselves better through those multi-month life-changing journeys.


Volume 5 Issue 11


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