NMIMS Mumbai Is Back With One Of The Largest B-Plan Competition In India

Bizzneeti 2021

The Fifth edition of Bizzneeti is coming up, all set to provide your business the boost it needs! 

Bizzneeti is a national level business conference organized by Colloquium, the business and management cell of NMIMS University. It offers a chance to interact with eminent speakers and a panel of angel investors and also aims to promote more start-ups, providing a platform for youngsters to seek exposure, interact and learn from the best. 

It opens the floor to young, sharp minds to battle each other in 3 comprehensive phases based on their unique ideas and serpentine business startup plans, motivating the youth to make a change in the society.These all-inclusive phases will test everything to its last detail – idea, originality, research, monetary aspects, economic strategies, feasibility- to weed out the best. At the summit of the event, the best teams with immense potential who get successful in convincing the judges and sustain the real world will grab hefty cash prizes worth ₹55,000 along with exciting gifts for all. 

Owing to the restrictions of the pandemic and keeping the safety of our participants and esteemed guests in mind, Bizzneeti 2021 will be held online. Participants can register in teams of at most 5 people with the age constraint being 27 years. 

Additionally, in an article published by Bizzbucket, Bizzneeti has been recognized amongst the top ten Business Plan Competition in India this year. 

Phase 1: 

Bizzneeti will commence with its first phase, wherein the registered teams are required to send an exhaustive, well-curated document. The participating teams must include elementary business-model aspects such as initial capital or investment, profit model, and breakeven analysis in a stipulated document form of 8 to 10 pages, by the 2nd of March.Other essential facets concerning the report are scalability, marketing, and outreach. The sections covered in the documents are not limited to the aspects mentioned. 

After the participating team has submitted the documents, it will go through intense scrutinization by our panel of esteemed judges. The teams will then be filtered solely on the document report submitted. Phase 1 will assess participants basis the unique selling point of their concept, the depth of their research, and the way participants have brainstormed and put every aspect of business planning to use. The top filtered teams will proceed with their visionary, off to Phase 2. 

Phase 2: 

Phase 2 will take place on 5th March. In this phase, the teams will have to prepare an elaborate powerpoint presentation transferring their deeply thought business concept into a concrete, organised plan. The panel of judges would scrupulously check for minute details so as to clearly

understand and comprehensively analyze the vision behind your business idea. The key idea is to state forth a detailed plan of action to build and expand every aspect of your business. Your branding and marketing strategy will show your competitive analysis and will help you standout in the competition. The presentation would be examined on the basis of originality and what impact it can bring to the modern industry. Other factors include plausibility, implentibilty and execution plan with teamwork for taking the business idea or startup a level higher. 

Phase 3: 

Phase 3 is a two day spectacle, to be held on the 6th and 7th of March. Being the final stage, we can assure you it will be exciting and enlightening. All registered participants are privy to a speaker session where they can interact with renowned industry experts who will shed light on various aspects of startups and businesses. This is an interesting opportunity to gain knowledge and widen horizons about what the startup world truly entails. Participants’ business knowledge will be put to the test in an array of business and management related games where luck and the right set of circumstances will lead you to amazing cash prizes and gifts. 

On the second day, the crème de la crème of the participating teams who made it through Phase 2 are in for an exciting opportunity to pitch their business plans live to a panel of esteemed venture capitalists. Judging will be on the basis of economic strategies, primary and secondary objectives of the venture, implications of ideas and how a business model impacts target audience. While the top teams present their ideas to our panel, a further incentive is that in case a venture capitalist finds value and is appealed by a business idea, he/she may choose that relationship forward with a participating team independently.

To register for the event: http://www.bizzneeti.in/register
For any queries, dm them on @colloquium.mpstme or write an email on  colloquium@nmims.edu.in.


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