Beyond The Senses


As human beings, evolving comes easily to us. And just like that, our senses – vision, taste, touch, hearing and smell – are also changing at a consistent speed. We talk about the five senses and how they bring about changes in our daily lives

Having heard of the five senses only in your Biology textbook or probably in a poster outside a doctor’s clinic, it’s natural for you to find it odd to see it in the entertainment section of the magazine. Well, as the world has changed rapidly, so have our senses and so we share the new outlook shaping the world today like never before.

Have you ever thought about your sense of vision as something more than your eyesight? There are so many things that your eyes actually fool you to believe. For example, your eyes just tricked you to accept that the “actually” in the previous sentence is not missing an “l”. It’s probably because there are some things that your eyes see so often that they become immune to it. One of our writers has envisioned an angle on this rare concept, that’ll leave you with a moment of realization of the unnoticed reality.

The sense of hearing has direct connections with music and songs that branch into different forms around the world. As the human society becomes more global, our music follows too. The result of this blend in culture brings along fusion music that is on the roll. Indian music has also become a part of this trend and it is redefining itself on an international level! So, get on that patriotic feel and see how India has made its mark! Spectacular, the sense of hearing is indeed a big boon, one of the things we really need to be thankful for!

The most underrated sense out of all is our sense of smell. It remains unnoticed – the privilege of being able to smell a new book, delicious food, petrol and the soil just after it rained. But, our sense of smell has geared up to prove its importance beyond these things. Wondering how? The mystery unfolds soon.

As we think about the sense of being able to taste, our first thoughts are obviously about food! FOOD, FOOD, FOOD – delicious food! Classy dinners! International cuisines! But, our bubble bursts as we enter our reality with limited pocket money or salary. All this suddenly seems a dream. Maybe, it does right now. But, soon your taste buds may experience something they’ve never experienced before like fine dining on a budget!

And finally, we have the sense of touch. It actually seems to be the most endangered sense out of the five senses, but at the same time it is the one we use the most. It won’t take long for the physical touch to completely vanish as the digital touch connects the people with the modern lifestyle. The pages ahead bring to the table both sides of the same coin.
So folks, gear up and sit back with your seat belts on, as your roller coaster ride to the five senses is about to begin! You can tour through some travel hacks, update yourself to match the fast paced lifestyle and explore fashion, sports and relationships.


Volume 6 Issue 1


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