Best of TV – February 2016


Calling all the singles out there who don’t want to get out of their cozy beds this Valentines and face the cliché atmosphere around you, watch these TV series that will make your singlehood feel way better and make you love your decision of being single. Fatema Kathawala shares some of the shows that will definitely keep you away from the ‘love-is-in-the-air’ season

How I met your Mother
The story focuses on Ted Mosby who recounts his adventures with his friends Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin to his two kids and how he eventually meets their mother and all the funny and epic things he did all those years. This show makes one believe that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and having friends by your side makes life worth it. It portrays that sometimes waiting for the right person to come along is the right thing to do, and in the mean while, life is full of surprises.

Modern Family
Three modern-day families from California try to deal with their kids, their quirky spouses and their jobs in their own unique ways, often resulting in crazy capers. The sense of humour depicted in this show is out of the world. The characters played and depicted make us see family life in a deeper way and make us realize how important a role family plays in one’s life. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the comedy genre. The entire cast is likeable and the script is superb.  If you haven’t watched this yet, then you are missing out on half your life and I mean it.

Louis C. K. has to adjust to his life as a stand-up comedian, after he divorces his wife and is shouldered with the responsibility to raise his two daughters in New York City. It’s a thrilling and weird and funny foray into the brain of Louis and a comedy that’s impossible to pigeonhole or predict or even label as a comedy. Louie will never be a mass-appeal hit, nor would the show likely be such a critical darling if it were. Yet given the mix of laughs and sheer weirdness the comic delivers, his misery really is deserving of company.

Mort has a secret that he really wants to tell his three adult children, who are so self-absorbed they don’t see that something has changed for their divorced, girlfriendless dad. This LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when dramatic and new admissions cause a lot of secrets to spill out. It is a complex story-line of a relatively average family in western society dealing with complex issues supported by superb acting. A series that is entertaining and thought provoking, popular art at its best.

You’re the worst
‘You’re the Worst’ isn’t a typical romantic comedy. Narcissist Jimmy Shive overly thinks all relationships are doomed from the start, while stubborn cynic Gretchen Cutler is certain that amorous bonds aren’t her thing. The characters are all very unique and have great charisma, each bringing something special to the table. Geere stands out as an actor in the show with his charm and cynical remarks, and is truly hilarious to watch. Unlike other shows, You’re the Worst incorporates a feeling of reality and even underlying human emotions that many other shows lose in the pursuit of comedy.


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