Best Healthy Meals To Eat Pre Workout To Get The Most Out Of It

pre workout
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We all love to eat to our heart’s content, but when we look into the mirror and spot a protruding belly, the same heart sinks. Achieving a great looking physique demands a lot of effort every single day, but is exercising enough? There is a lot more associated with building a great physique than just working out. One also needs to eat right pre workout, to be able to exercise without tiring. Working out on an empty stomach or overeating right before your workout can have damaging effects on the body and we certainly don’t want that. Striking a balance will thus go a long way in helping you achieve the perfect physique you have always dreamt of. Scroll down to know more about some of the best meals you can eat before hitting the gym. 

Oatmeals and Blueberries 

This one is the most standard meal to have before heading to the gym. A bowl full of oatmeals rich in fibre and proteins, easy to digest with the added nutritional value of blueberries will give the body much needed energy, especially if you workout in the morning, two-three hours after waking up. Make sure to eat this at least an hour before exercising. 

Greek Yoghurt, and berries 

A much lighter meal than the one above, Greek Yoghurt with a combination of berries can be eaten 30 minutes before working out. This pre workout meal is neither too light, nor too heavy. You can also crush some nuts and sprinkle a little sugar to add to the taste. 

Bananas with Peanut butter 

Rich in carbohydrates, Bananas are a great source of natural strength and glucose. One medium-sized banana 45 minutes pre workout is sufficient enough to restore the energy you need to workout. However, you can still pair it up with some peanut butter which is high in proteins. Make sure to steer clear of flavoured peanut butter though. The best thing about this meal is that it doesn’t require any effort to prepare so you can just take quick bites and stride off to the gym. 

Whole Fruit Smoothie 

Other than water-based fruits, you can pick any fruit of your choice to make the smoothie. Along with fruit, all you will need is nut butter, flax seeds, dates, and oatmeal. You can also add a banana to make the smoothie thicker. Blend it well and gulp it down. This whole package is a great source of energy that will make sure you don’t get tired till the very end of your workout session. You can drink this smoothie an hour before your workout.  

pre workout
Photo by Annelies Brouw from Pexels

Granola Bars 

A granola bar is by far the quickest and easiest pre workout meal to get your hands on. This one is especially helpful if you hit the gym in the evening after your office hours. On days when you don’t get time to grab a proper pre workout meal after your office, you can always pick up one granola bar or carry one with you and eat it before stepping into the gym. Remember, a granola bar is as heavy as your whole lunch.  

Brown Rice and Chicken 

Brown rice is high in carbs and chicken is rich in protein. It is also the best meat out of all, health-wise. If you are someone who hits the gym before bedtime, you will probably work out one-two hour after dinner. A bowl filled with brown rice and chicken is not only healthy but also filling. Keep in mind, however, not to overeat. Measure your calorie intake and don’t eat more than two-three pieces of chicken. 


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