Being A Third Wheel Isn’t As Bad As You Think

third wheel
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We know you third wheel a lot! Be it on a simple coffee date or a movie date, you are there with the two love birds almost every single time. Your friend’s partner definitely must have thought of you as a loner at least one. It’s okay. You can’t blame him/her, and no you’re not a loner. You are also not going to die alone so cut that drama already. 

People’s notion of a third wheel is usually associated with pity or mockery towards a person who is often found third-wheeling. You must, however, not allow this to get in your way of third-wheeling. If your friend’s partner is sweet enough and shares a good bond with you, then he/she won’t mind you third-wheeling and if both of them are your friends then you really shouldn’t feel bad.  

Yet, if third wheeling bothers you, then let me tell you that it definitely isn’t as bad as you think it is. 

Your chances of finding a love interest for yourself increases 

When you are single and third wheel, chances are that your friend’s partner is going to try and fix you up with someone from his/her friends’ circle (wink* so that you stop third wheeling). You might also get many chances of going on blind and double dates. You might just end up finding your special someone. If this is the case, I don’t see anything that is bad about third-wheeling.  

You learn more about love and dating 

When you see two people loving, caring and understanding each other, your understanding of love and dating too improves. You also learn from their mistakes. You start understanding the basic dos and don’ts of dating. This can help you when you start dating someone. 

You start liking your ‘single’ life 

When you see the couple fighting on irrelevant and petty issues, you thank yourself for staying single. There are many times when you will want your life to be filled with romance, but when your friend comes cribbing to you about a new problem that arises in his/her relationship, you will feel great being single. You will finally start seeing how much unnecessary problems you have kept out of your life. 

At times you help the couple resolve issues by playing a peacemaker 

Most of the time, a couple doesn’t talk and sort out problems by themselves. They resort to their friends. You being the friend can help the two sit together and resolve issues or heated arguments. You can also offer solutions and advice to them personally if they approach you for help. This will just make you feel good about being of help to your friends. 

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You are treated specially 

Now because you know even the smallest details of their relationship, have helped them solve so many issues and have helped keep their dating a secret from their parents or others, they know how important you are to them. You can use this to get free food whenever you want. 

You make new friends 

It is always a good idea to make new friends. When your friend starts dating, you get introduced to a whole lot of new people who are friends to your friend’s partner. You get new people to hangout with which can also give you one less reason to third wheel the couple. 

This said third-wheeling should no longer bother you. Go third wheel like a pro!


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