Meet Ashmika Gupta – One of India’s Youngest Jewellery Designer

Ashmika Gupta, Youngest Jewellery Designer

What started off as a fascination of looking at scattered diamonds at the age of 2 to being one of the youngest jewellery designers, Ashmika by Ashmika Gupta is a diamond jewellery brand that just completed a year this September. This home-grown jewellery brand was born out of Ashmika’s desire to create something fun, something funky and something that adds a little love to life’s complexities.

Being one of India’s youngest jewellery designers to launch a brand, Ashmika has had an overwhelming experience but she continues to enjoy this roller-coaster ride with a glittering smile. 

Having the privilege of getting years of experience in the industry has fuelled her passion for jewellery and appreciation for great craftsmanship. This has made her create, build, and share her vision through her collections. The story behind every jewellery she designs, comes from the women and men who wear Ashmika – their struggles, fears, and feelings, making Ashmika Gupta not just a jewellery designer but a storyteller who is inspired by the people around her.

Ashmika Gupta, Youngest Jewellery Designer

Talking about her vision behind the brand, Ashmika says; “We are a generation of idiosyncratic minimalists, we want things to be unique yet loved by all, and these are the qualities that make me want to design. My challenge is to change the outlook of my audience that currently looks at jewellery as an investment burden, to a perspective that embraces the carefree self-expression that can be provided by my creations. It is all about making ordinary people, carefreely extraordinary.”

What makes Ashmika stand out in the clutter is the brand’s design and ethos. Their aim is meant to empower the wearer with its aesthetics, uniqueness, and style. From the whimsical to the bold, this jewellery brand’s designs are for everyone. 

The collections introduced under the brand right from Dauntless, Que Sera Sera to Laissez-Aller and Gnothi Seauton, are crafted with the thought that there is no box to creativity. 

Ashmika Gupta, Youngest Jewellery Designer
Ashmika Gupta, Youngest Jewellery Designer

Dauntless Collection follows the philosophy that ‘make your own rules and choose your own jewels’

While Que Sera Sera Collection will make you think that ‘you only live once, make it shine (quite literally)’

Talking about the Laissez-Aller Collection, it shows how ‘unconstructed freedom calls for unconstructed bling’

And last but definitely not the least, Gnothi Seauton Collection recalls that ‘shimmer your way to self-discovery’

The collections are visually magnificent and Ashmika Gupta’s labor of love, focusing on the highest quality, hand-crafted jewels. Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail as a work of art.

Talking about the journey ahead, Ashmika Gupta wants the brand to build a story which co-writes the history of culture and creates a sparkling world by turning light into pure delight. Pushing back the limits and constantly striving for excellence are all values that keeps the brand going. She sums it by asking her customers to be a little careful and a lot more carefree with carats!

The ones combining the timelessness of diamonds with refined modernity, Ashmika by Ashmika are surely the ones to look out for. 

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