Arthashastra | Annual Academic Fest Of NM College


Arthashastra, presented by Rainmaker, powered by muvin, NM College’s Annual Academic Fest, is an immersive experience – an amalgamation of competitions, events, workshops, and activities that encompasses all the focus areas imaginable within the domain of business, finance, banking, management and corporate culture. 

Every year, Arthashastra hosts distinguished speakers from different walks of society and receives participation from the best national and international institutions. From speaker sessions to Artha Socials, there is something for everyone. It exemplifies NM’s commitment to excellence and the ardent pursuit to serve as a beacon of light to the immense future that lies ahead. 

It was started with the aim of creation of a college festival that would cater to students from diverse academic backgrounds, without compromising on the core elements of the corporate world. 

Being the only pan-Indian academic festival, Arthashastra strives to awaken the thinker in every individual and enhance their skills through the application of their knowledge. The aim of the Arthashastra fest is to provide the youth with a platform for learning and expanding their knowledge. 

With 7500+ students from colleges across India,5000+ social media reach and 1500+ participants from all over India, this year NM Arthashastra aims to go #BeyondAllLimits in all possible aspects. From making it a full-fledged learning experience for the organizing committee to making it entrancing for the participants from across the country. 

With a team of highly determined students, Arthashastra’22 is all ready to host events that will bring together the brightest of minds across the country on one platform with a cash pool greater than ever! 

Arthashastra’22 will provide the students with an unforgettable learning experience through its diverse spectrum of events, ranging from Consultancy, Advertising, Corporate to Networking, Workshops and informals. 

Corporate events 

1. The Good Trade: An event based on the commodities market, wherein participants need to acquire and trade commodities and get themselves the best deal possible.

2. The Inheritance Cycle: The CEO of India’s biggest FMCG company has been murdered and participants are one of her heirs. They have to prove to be righteous and worthy by going through the tests of Blood, History, Knowledge, Leadership, Reasoning and Strength.

3. Bear the Bull: It’s a mock stock market stimulation wherein participants will be allowed to trade with a given initial amount. The final portfolio value of the participant shall decide his/her ranking.

Consultancy Events 

1. TakeOff: India’s airlines’ industry is primed for explosive growth. Can you pilot a new entrant of the industry & steer clear of the competition?

2.   Pareto : Think you can be a visionary PM? Hop on & join hundreds of others in a battle of envisioning & marketing India’s most loved apps

3. The Green Gambit: Scourge the market for the perfect acquisition & build synergies within the unified entity to create a new market leader in the given industry

4. Diverzify: Embark on a business strategy quest to create new revenue streams for an IPO bound company & outwit the competition

Advertising Events 

1. Memes, Memes and Memes: Come join us as we give you an opportunity to blend your sarcasm, creativity and knowledge to make the best meme ever. 

2. Mark-e- ‘ting: Unleash the creative demon within you and analyse the needs of the hour to make the best marketing plan and houl your product to heights never achieved!

3. Ad-o-fy: Are you someone who sings jingles out of the blue? Or are you someone who gets happy while watching ads? It’s time for you to make ads that other people will love to consume!

4. Pitch Me: Do you have a creative muscle and a strategic brain to flex? This event is all about        role-playing an advertising agency and creating awesome campaigns for your favourite brands!

Networking Events 

1. Pictionary: Games come in lots of different flavors, from oldfashioned card games, to simple luck-based board games, to deep strategy games that can last all night. But why not use your talent to get you through this game – DRAWING!! Now pick up your finger and get ready to win!

2. Arthashastra’s Who Wants To Be The Next Millionaire? Filled with abundant knowledge of businesses worldwide under your belt? Are you someone who’s keen to explore brands from all around the world? What if you got an opportunity to earn using all the information you have of the corporate world? Arthashastra brings you its first ever ‘Who Wants To Be The Next Millionaire?’ Where you can showcase your skills and earn at the same time !The more you answer, the more you earn. So lets get down to business and hit the jackpot!

3. Speak Out Confidence: Do you want to feel what Corporate world actually feels like? It’s the time to pump yourself up and get ready to have a completely different experience. Arthashashtra brings to you ‘Speak Out Confidence’ to give you real life experience of Corporate interviews.

4. Arthashastra MUN: We present to you an opportunity to put your Netflix binging skills, diplomatic skills and acumen to test as you discuss and debate the burning modern economic crisis.

5. Murder Mystery: A virtual murder mystery party will be a good interactive event. We will be outsourcing the event to existing companies who host such events and will also be ready to do it ourselves


  1. Just A Minute: The ground rules are set, the game is about to begin, the clock is ticking, are you set? JAM (Just A Minute ) is a panel game in which contestants are challenged to speak without hesitation, deviation, or repetition on any subject that comes up on the cards. Groove, run and enroll for the most fun event ever and let’s see who’s the next jammer!
  2. Bollywood Unplugged: Are you that amateur artist who’s just looking for an opportunity to unleash their filmy, bollywood side? Does bollywood give you goosebumps and is singing out romantic bollywood music your guilty pleasure too? Then this seems to be a perfect place for you, where you get the incredible opportunity to showcase your skills and capture the attention of many with your charisma.
  3. Accent Improv: If you’re someone whose one liners always draw applause leaving the audience’s stomach hurting with laughter, this event is for you. Choose a topic, create a plot around it. The twist being, you change accents every 30 secs without breaking the flow of the act.
  4. Talent Hunt: For all the talented people out there, who can command the attention in the room, this is your chance to showcase your talent and make the audience’s jaw drop! Flaunt your talents clubbed with a dazzling ramp walk and set the stage on fire! Make the best of your poise, personality and talent through this event designed just for you.
  5. Vision: A game that thrives on clues!!! There is nothing like a good mystery. This event will lead to rummaging through your brains, find cryptic clues, solve a variety of interesting puzzles and give the joy of accomplishing challenging tasks. So saddle up your horses and get ready to blaze this trail of mystery and fun.
  6. Treasure Hunt: A classic mystery game which is known for the exhilarating fun and adventure that it delivers. This event exercises one’s resting brain and puts it’s basic knowledge to use and hop from one meeting to other. Time is running out!! You must reach to the final clue before anyone else.


CRYPTOVERSE 2.0: A classic mystery game which is known for the exhilarating fun and feeling a bit of Crypto FOMO these days? Interested to learn more about it and experience the volatility of this FUD-driven market without the risk of actually investing and losing your own money? An unconventional event designed to introduce you to the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies and provide you with hands-on experience for the same adventure that it delivers. This event exercises one’s resting brain and puts it’s basic knowledge to use and hop from one meeting to other. Time is running out!!Arthashastra’22 will be conducted on February 18th, 19th, 20th , 21st. To know more, stay tuned on NM Arthashastra’s social media handles.


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