Anti-Beating Charter Unveiled in Indian Schools


Certain guidelines were recently unveiled by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) with the aim of eliminating corporal punishment in India. As per the new guidelines, schools should create special monitoring cells to take prompt action against the physical punishment of children. According to one report, over 98 per cent of the 6,632 surveyed children, aged three to 17, experienced some kind of physical punishment at school. The survey also found that caning was a common method used to control school children. It also found that a number of teachers also pull hair, pinch noses or arms, tie students to chairs and even use electrical shocks to enforce order. In spite of the prohibition of corporal punishment in a number of Indian states, there yet exists such physical harassment in some states. The commission has said that teachers should learn to control students using clear communication commands and temperate language.

Volume 1 Issue 11


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