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Youth Inc selects top art and design colleges across the world to nurture the budding artist in you

A good education is the foundation to excel in any field and this includes art as well. As such, when it comes to art and design, one may want to study at one of the top institutes across the world. However, most young artists may wonder why they should pursue a Design and Arts degree abroad. There are a number of good reasons behind this. The costs are prohibitive, but those with the inclination and the resources can benefit tremendously.
In the US, the flexibility of a liberal arts degree will allow you to major in art and take a minor in a safer field that could range from science to business. This in turn will certainly make your parents breathe easier! European art schools have been at the forefront of the art world for many years. After all, where else in the world would one want to live life as an artist than on the cobbled streets of Paris, painting by the Seine, wandering through the museums of Florence or being inspired by the impressionist museums at Barcelona? Europe has transformed the experience of art into a daily aesthetic with its history, architecture and trends in fashion.
Here are our top five reasons why one should consider a degree in art and design at one of the top institutes worldwide:
1. International exposure to different ideas and cultures will drive your creative process. Artists derive their energy from personal experiences that are rich and varied. Interacting with like-minded artists from across the world is a great experience that will only serve to fuel creativity.
2. As an artist, it’s important to get a feel of what is happening in the art scene, whether it is the cutting-edge trends in design and art or the techniques employed, as well as the theory, history and practical side of it. Exposure to new media designs and methods help to serve as an enhancement.
3. Moreover, one can opt for an all-round degree in a subject that gives you exposure to commerce, science and other subjects in the humanities, while honing your artistic skills.
4. Studying art abroad gives you the chance to visit a number of new and fascinating places. It also gives you exposure to the style of art that is intrinsic of that particular region.
5. Coursework is focused on art history, and if you choose Europe to study, you can expect to study interesting and artistically-rich subjects during actual visits to places like the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel or the Van Gogh Museum. There is indeed nothing like the first-hand view of art.
Undergraduates can pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and are sure to get spoilt for choice with the areas of speciality that generally range from drawing, writing, music, interior design, photography, painting and industrial design to film production and visual design. The options are limitless. Graduates can opt for a Master of Fine Arts to specialise in an area like creative writing, dance, filmmaking, performing arts or visual arts. Read on to find out which are the top, fine art institutes worldwide.

Rhode Island School of Design
The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) was founded by women in 1877, long before they had the vote. The school holds pride of place as one of the best art design schools in the US, fostering a culture that challenges assumptions, encourages innovation and experimentation and goes against the grain. The campus is adjacent to Brown, and students from both institutes can cross-register for classes without incurring extra costs. Students at Rhode can take up mathematics, foreign languages and science classes at Brown and also access state-of-the-art athletic and social facilities. A Brown-RSID Dual degree is also available over a period of five years with a large number of study abroad options.

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts
Ooh la la! Study at the distinguished National School of Fine Arts in the culturally-rich Paris (the ENSB-A) and this is exactly what people will say to you with looks of awe and admiration! The beautiful building in the heart of the city by the banks of the river Seine has been nurturing the world’s best artists for over 350 years. The faculty consists of internationally-recognised artists too. Studies range from painting, installation, graphic arts, photography and sculpture to digital media and video. Practical work is supported by theory as well as history of art, which complements the technical training that students receive. The collection of artwork and books at the school is overwhelmingly large to say the least, and exhibitions as well as seminars take place though the year. This institute is known as one of the most prestigious in the world. The gorgeous building at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés section of Paris has to be seen to be believed; we promise that you will fall in love instantly, and that after all, is what Paris is known to do!

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
SAIC has been recognised as one of the top graduate art programmes in the US. Interestingly, this institute has its roots in the 1866 founding of the Chicago Academy of Design, which was established by local artists in Clark Street’s rented rooms! Today, albeit its change in name, the institute (commonly referred to as the Loop) in downtown Chicago is famous for the conceptual art that its students are known to come out with. With courses that range from art history, ceramics, photography, historic preservation and architecture right up to art therapy, this art school will offer you value for your money. Adding more value to this school is its famous Gene Siskel Theatre, which has seen a grand variety of movies and documentaries shot by students themselves. The institute’s student exhibits, guest artist visits, art sales and conventions helps aspiring artists to propel with gusto into the fine world of art.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Located in Valencia in Los Angeles County, this institute was founded and created by Walt Disney in the early 1960s. Known as CalArts, this institute comprises different schools like the School of Art, the School of Critical Studies, the Sharon Lund School of Dance, the School of Film/ Video, the School of Theatre and the Herb Alpert School of Music. Opt for a degree in music, art, dance, film, theatre, animation, puppetry or writing. The institute continues to bring art forms together with the aim of fostering collaboration and sparking innovation. Art students are given opportunities to exhibit their work throughout the year in seven of the campus’s galleries, as well as in various areas around the campus. Ali Akbar Khan, Ravi Shankar and Tim Burton are some of the institute’s notable alumni!

Slade School of Fine Art
Opt for the university that shaped great artists like Picasso and Dali, and see how your artistic side comes to life. The faculty focuses its teaching programme on classic arts subjects like drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving, as well as image and design, together with techniques of restoration in painting and sculpture. The Complutense Art Centre within the university is a museum that acts as a platform for the historical and artistic heritage of the university. It also offers a space for new artistic impulses and trends, as well as a focal point for culture and social integration. Studying art in the midst of works by great artists like Gaudi, Picasso and Dali is an inspiring reason to apply to the University of Madrid!

California Institute of The Arts
Study at London’s renowned fine art institute, colloquially referred to as “the Slade” and known to focus on contemporary art. As a student, you will have access to some of the best art resources in the world, while the faculty is top-notch, brimming with notable artists. Opportunities to study first-hand works of art in local galleries and museums also make this art school one to vie for. Undergraduates can opt for a four-year BA in Fine Art or the BFA in Fine Art; the former includes a history and theory of art components and an additional course chosen from another University College London department.
In the commercial world, a potential employer or client looks at an artist portfolio and curriculum vitae to see if their work would be a good investment or not. There are a number of thing that they look out for. One of them is the art school that the artist has attended. Having attended a top art school is a sign of commitment, dedication and passion. Talent can only be nurtured considering that it is channelled in the right direction and in the most conducive atmosphere, which can only be found at a good art school.

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