AM Or PM Workout. Choose A Time That Best Suits You

Am or pm workout
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Some people swear by their AM workouts whereas some say there is nothing better than a PM workout. Deciding the time you workout is pretty important because not everyone is a morning person or would feel comfortable working out in the evening. Depending on your lifestyle, choose between AM or PM workout which makes you feel better. Exercising at different times have different pros and cons. 

AM Workout Pros:

Healthy morning leads to a productive day

Working out in the morning refreshes the mind. The energy you gain after a morning workout helps you feel awake and pumped up for the whole day ahead. It is said that AM workouts awake the mind. It not only improves physical abilities but also mental abilities. 

Morning workouts also increase metabolism. 

Studies have proven AM workouts lead to a healthy sleep schedule which leads to a productive, healthy lifestyle.

Bye! Anxiety and Negativity

Morning workouts often include yoga and meditation which helps you to feel calm and at peace. Exercising produces endorphins which act as natural mood lifters so working out in the morning automatically builds up your mood and invites positivity. Aside from all the benefits that come with being healthier, your brain is going to its “happy place” when you workout in the morning.

AM Workout Cons:

Gotta leave the bed early

You have to leave your bed early in the morning even if you have not completed your daily requirement of sleep. Waking up, dragging yourself to the gym half asleep can make you cranky and disinterested in any work you do throughout the day. All you just want to do is go back home and complete your sleep.

Forces to change your schedule

Going to the gym before breakfast can make you re-plan your morning. You will have to get up early and plan a pre-workout meal, then go for some exercise, come back, cook the meal and either eat or carry the food to the office. You may also have to alter your working hours depending on your workout timings.

PM Workout Pros: 

You’ll be alert

The probability of you tripping down on the treadmill is quite high when you are sleep deprived in the morning. But while working out in the evening you are very alert and energized. Exercise is a stress reliever so why waste all your energy in the morning? Work out in the evening and relieve all the stress which came along, throughout the day.

Works best for travellers and late night shifts

For those with long work hours, travellers and ones who cope up with global work timetables, the PM workout is apt for you. Instead of not working out at all you can work out in the night.  Enrol yourself at a night gym or a hotel that allows you to workout at any time of the day or night.

PM Workout Cons: 

You might not be as consistent.

Oh, it’s Saturday night, I guess I can skip the workout today and just chill, go for a movie or hang out with friends. Unlike morning workouts, PM workouts interfere with your happy hours. And once you’ve entered your home after your daily chores, the hardest thing in the world is to change and go to the gym. Your bed will never feel more comfortable than it feels at that time.

Sleep deprivation on its way

While it’s generally accepted that exercising at any time of the day will help you sleep but a hardcore workout increases the body temperature, heart rate and releases a hormone called epinephrine, which makes the body take hours to wind down. So some people find it difficult to sleep after a workout. It also creates a change in the time you usually used to have dinner and go to bed.

These pros and cons will help you to decide what kind of workout is suitable for you. So evaluate all the points and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.


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