Alia Bhatt puckers up with the Maybelline Baby Lips Kiss Song


By GB Bajaj

The cute and adorable Alia Bhatt launched the Baby Lips Kiss Song created with young 6000 girls which were crowd-sourced kisses including Alia’s for Maybelline’s lip balm, Baby Lips. A exciting and fun quirky song with Alia, just perfect for the song.

Alia was dressed in a Shehlaa outfit , a long peach top with an asymmetrical hemline and lacy neckline, pairing it with black leggings, adorned with matching accessories, a gold ring and matching stud earrings.

Alia Bhatt, the new brand ambassador of Maybelline New York, with her glowing aura, radiated the event in her froufrou Louboutins.

A very catchy and funky tune,“Kiss kiss pucker and Pout , I love my baby lips!”, has been heard a lot in colleges.









At the event, Alia Bhatt said, “Maybelline is a brand that reveals my personality of being happy and jolly, always full of energy and fun. It targets girls like me who are young, fashionable, and important, love to dress up, are trend conscious and wear bold styles. It is fun working on the brand, particularly for the reason that they include a lot of thrill and innovation in everything they do. I am a make-up buff and I am thrilled to now be allied with the world’s number one make-up brand.”



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