A Sneak Peek Into The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2020

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
Image Credits: Conde Nast Traveller India

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is entitled as India’s largest arts and cultural festival. It is held every year in the month of February and is the biggest Art Festival held in South Mumbai. The Arts Festival attracts a humongous number of tourists and art lovers. 

The event commenced from February 1 and will go on till February 9, 2020. The creations presented by each artist are very aesthetic and subtle forms of art.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival depicts various themes every year and events including cinema, dance, food, heritage walks, literature, music stalls, stand up comedy, street, theatre, urban design and architecture, visual arts and various workshops. This year, the theme delineated a tribute to unity in diversity. This year, all artists had pulled up their socks for treating the viewers a visual feast. 

Bunko Junko: The Sustainable Fashion Trend

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
Image Credits: Lokmat

This art ‘Bunko Junko’ is very sublime as it highlights the diminishing marine life. Fast fashion has been the ultimate reason affecting the oceans. This art installation symbolizes the preservation of marine life through sustainable fashion by designing the developed garments, using an unused textile piece, dead stocks and sustainable material.

The Missing Mailbox and The Postman

People now have stopped writing and sending letters; they’ve turned sending SMS and emails over the internet. Gone are the days when we used to eagerly wait for the postman to deliver us those mails from our loved ones. As our anticipation grew, the Internet took over and acquired the attention of people easing our time. However, we certainly lost the touch of letters and all that is left now are those beautiful memories.

Organ Donation Initiative

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
Image Credits: Mumbai Live

From children to the senior citizens, numerous people came forward to pledge for the organ donation initiative by Jaslok Hospital. Let us all take a pledge to donate organs, so even afterlife, a part of you or your loved one’s soul will be living a second life; new and beautiful.

Social Thread

Image Credits: Lokmat

This art gives us an overview of the severe addiction of social media with the virtual world over time, and the disconnection with the real world amongst the newer generations. While social media can have its pro’s, it still excludes the essence of the richness and excitement of real life. So, while holding the strings of various social media balloons, let’s not loosen the threads of our family.

Entangled Desire

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival
Image Credits: Lokmat

Marine life can become entangled in a variety of plastics and consequently die. Instead of hunting and letting them die in the polluted oceans, we must rather plant the sea and herd its life using the ocean as farmers. We must nurture their lives rather than entangling them into fulfilling our desires.

The aim of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is the preservation and maintenance of art and culture. We cherish the attractive art installations and all the eye-catching creations which particularly epitomized the actual goal of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.


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