A Simple Guide To Growing Edible Plants At Home

edible plants
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With the increase in the time people spend indoors due to the pandemic, it has become essential that their living space becomes more enriched. A simple way to liven up the indoor space is to include some greens in it. Including plants would not only help create that extra liveliness but would also help you save bucks on your grocery. Here’s a list of edible plants that you can grow without much stress.


edible plants
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Out of all the edible plants, this one is the easiest. Take a ripe yet soft tomato to work with. Cut it in thin slices and place them on top of the soil. Now add a thin layer of soil on it and then place it in a sunny corner. Tomatoes do not require a lot of water so be gentle in your approach to pouring water.


edible plants
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Take the methi seed available in your house and put them in a container with soil. Add a thin layer of soil on top of it and let them grow. Soon enough you will get methi to consume in your meals.


edible plants
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Take the coriander seed available at your home and break the outer shell by applying pressure. Once done collect some seed and put it in soil and cover it again with a thin layer of soil. It will be ready for consumption in a month or so.

MINT  (Pudina)

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Take a stem of mint and pluck all the leaves except 3/4 on it. Place the stems in water. After a few days, the stem will show roots. Take the stems with roots and place them in soil. Many plants may not evolve roots in the beginning part so make sure you have at least 8-9 stems that you place in water to increase the probability.


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Garlic can take up a long time to grow but if you want the taste of garlic in your food, here’s what you have to do. Take the best and biggest individual clove of garlic and place them vertically deep inside the container with soil. Make sure you select a container big and spacious enough to let the garlic roots comfortably grow. Add water every other day. If you come from a Northern state in India make sure you don’t grow garlic in the hot season because of the extreme heat.


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Wheatgrass is another in the edible plants’ list which is very easy to grow and contains medicinal properties for people with diabetes and poor immunity. To grow this plant take a few wheat grains and sprinkle them on a container with soil. Add another thin layer of soil on it and sprinkle water. In a few days, you would see the plant growing. Harvest it when you see jointing, i.e. when one leaf divides itself into two. You can cut the leaves and blend them with water for consumption. 


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They are the easiest root you can grow. All you need is a potato with nodes on them. The nodes are the eye that the potato develops. Just slice the node and bury them in soil and you will see it develop root and ultimately a plant. 


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A tedious root to grow is a carrot. Take a ‘desi’ carrot and cut the top part off and plant it in soil with the leafy part up. Keep a distance of ⅘ inch if you are planting multiple carrots. Once the plant grows and starts bearing fruits take the seed off it. Now soil these seeds in a container with soil and wait till the leaves are fully grown. Once this is done you can uproot it and enjoy your carrots. 
If interested in Radish follow the same process. 

Try planting the above-mentioned edible plants in your space and you will see the magic not only in your house but even in your health. Make use of the available resources in your house like plastic containers if you don’t have a proper pot. Once you get started you will never regret growing your own mini garden in your house.


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