A Simple Guide To Getting Published This Pandemic

Getting Published
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If you have something in mind, write it down. In this lockdown, a lot of youth have been writing and trying to voice their opinions on several issues. Here are a few tips on getting published if you don’t know where to start and are unsure of your content. You can also use the tips to make your content better. 

1. Write about a trending topic that is relevant 

Writing about a trending topic like coronavirus, the pandemic’s effect on various industries, the pandemic’s effect on mental health is likely to get you published because people want to read about these issues. However,  you need to make sure that your article is offbeat so that it gains some recognition and stands out. You could also write about trending movies or TV shows. Even old shows and movies which are relevant to current times can be reviewed. It all depends on what fits into the current situation and will be relatable and relevant to the reader. 

2. Focus on a controversial issue without taking a stance which is too controversial

Writing about a controversial topic like Bois locker room, migrants going back home walking, George Floyd protests, etc can be a good place to start. However, you need to ensure that you are coming from a place that aims to educate people about the issue and not just rant about your opinions. Before writing, make sure that you have read enough articles on the topic to have a well-informed opinion – around 10 – 15, from various viewpoints. Writing about such issues increases your chance of getting published. 

3. Try to not talk about specific companies in a negative light 

Publications are dependent on advertising revenues, so you need to ensure that you are not writing about someone too controversially because it will reduce your chance of getting published with some houses significantly. Try to find who the advertisers of a particular publication are before pitching a controversial article to them. 

4. Incorporate the publication’s writing style in your own article 

Most publications publish content in specific fields: travel, music, movie reviews, book reviews, politics, etc, try to find which of these you are interested in writing and pitch to the publication. I generally find publications that publish a variety of genres, as this helps me explore my own writing style. It’s best to work with such publications if you are new because it helps you to explore your own writing style and genre of interest without confining you to a particular genre. 

5. Write a comparative article about worldwide trends versus trends in your own country 

These articles are interesting to read as they chart out a kind of trajectory about the developments which are taking place around the world and in your own country. Any kind of public reaction to a movie, a situation, or anything which you find distinguishing between the global and the local is very publishable. You should however ensure that you do not see any side in condescending light and analyze what is happening in both the countries. The article should explain, analyze, and predict the outcomes (not necessarily). The niche of people reading these opinion articles is good enough for publications to consider posting it. 

If you want to be more independent in your writing, you can also create a blog, since it can be challenging to get published. However, you may not get readership as high as you would with publications. Getting published is a matter of great pride for many, and it surely is rewarding. You should give this your shot, especially because you have more time than ever in your hands if this is something you really want to try.


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