A Few Simple Ways You Can Decorate Your Student Accommodation

A Few Simple Ways You Can Decorate Your Student Accommodation
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If you’ve just found a new home in a city a long way from home due to study, there’s a good chance that homesickness is already setting in. Thankfully, there are a few great ways that you can make your new home feel like your own personal space, and it won’t even take much time! Although it only takes a few moments to transform your space, it can make all the difference at the end of a long, hard study day, which is why taking the time to do it is so important. to get you started,in this article we take a look at a few great ways you can make your student accommodation feel more like home again. 

A few great design tips you should consider

If your new UNSW accommodation is looking a bit dreary, you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t take long to spruce up a tired, sterile space. Instead, think of it as a blank canvas with which you can impart your own uniqueness! A great place to start is adding a splash of colour to your room – this doesn’t mean you should start painting the walls of the room without your landlord’s permission, but rather that you find some colourful cushions, bed linen and blankets and place them around your room in a way that uses colour to tie the room together. After you’ve worked out the colour situation, you should consider placing some pictures of your friends and family around the place. There’s nothing more personal than family and friends, so being able to see them regularly, even if they’re just pictures on the wall, can help you feel much more comfortable. While you’re putting things up, you might want to consider also sticking up some prints or posters, whether they be fun, artistic, inspirational, or just things you really love. 

More things you can introduce to transform your space

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of an organic touch to your space, a great way to do this is with some indoor plants. plants not only look aesthetically pleasing, they can provide a distinct lift in mood – just make sure that you don’t forget to take care of them properly! If you want to take the next step and introduce a pet into your space, first make sure that you’re allowed to – there are examples of student accommodation that don’t allow pets, however, so perhaps consider something like a cute little goldfish instead. If mood lighting is more your jam, fairy lights can be found very cheap and can provide a heap of ambience to a drab space very quickly. They’re also great for when guests are over and can be turned on or off according to your mood. Finally, if you’re studying internationally, there’s a good chance that you have a few souvenirs from your travels elsewhere – if you do, make sure to have them on display to remind yourself how far you’ve come!

Make your accommodation a home

Whether you choose to implement all of these ideas or just a few, it doesn’t take long – or much money – to make a student accommodation environment feel more like home. If you’ve been struggling in a new city, this may  be why – make the space yours and see what a difference it can make to your mental health!


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