A Complete Guide to Studying Abroad in an Unstable Economy


In a time when the rupee is going through a rough time, Youth Inc helps you See.  Snap.  Get. minimise costs when studying abroad with a detailed guide encompassing all aspects of planning a foreign education

The better part of the monsoon saw a flood in India’s economy for the worse and the value of the rupee was washed away in the aftermath. The efforts to revive the ailing Indian currency has been more or less fruitless with minor adjustments over the last few weeks only managing to arrest the drop and help us save some face against the value of other international currencies, most notably the US dollar and the UK  pound.
While other countries have also had their fair share of economic turmoil over the last few months (and in some cases, years), India’s condition has been a rapid drop causing a panic because of the falling rupee. In such a time, planning to study in a foreign country can be especially dreadful for the Indian wallet, and by extension bank account, but the need for a well-rounded education is a criterion that warrants the extra mile even in tough times.

It wouldn’t be wise to make a plan to study in a foreign country for a year or more without taking into account all the factors starting from the university application all the way to how exactly you will be funding your education. To help the Indian student with their plans, Youth Inc has dedicated its cover story for October to be a detailed step-by-step guide on how to plan an education in a foreign country while minimising costs at every possible angle. It wouldn’t be wise to make a plan to study in a foreign country for a year or more without Our guide will take you through plans on your likely expenses in a foreign country plus how to budget and how making the right choice in terms of country, college and course can help cut down expenses when coupled with a scholarship. Dhirti Oza, a student studying on a full scholarship in the UK for two years, also provides some helpful pointers on what can help attain that scholarship. Following this we dive into the admission process and cover every base including mock exam papers that are needed to be taken in order to study abroad. There’s more in the form of student loans that can help you, the visa application processes and how to make and save money on campus.


Volume 3 Issue 4


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