A Beginner’s Guide On How To Become A Reader

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Those who already read know what an absolute bliss reading can be. It is not only entertaining but it is also very beneficial since it develops your vocabulary and verbal ability, improves your imagination, memory, concentration, and makes you knowledgeable. For some, reading is a relaxing activity that lets them dive into the pool of divine literary freedom. As a reader, you get to know about strange, exotic and new interesting places, cultures and people in the books which you don’t do otherwise in your daily life. If you are not a reader you are missing out on a lot, but it is never too late to start reading. 

There are many beliefs which make beginners apprehensive of reading. These myths stop you from starting a book and become a hindrance to the amazing experiences which await you. Some of those myths are:

  • It’s too late to develop a reading habit.
    Many believe that one should start from childhood if he or she wants to be a reader. While reading as a child can be a stimulating experience which would enhance your creative, emotional as well as intelligence aptitude, it is never too late. Whether you are 20 or 40 or 60, reading is for all age groups.
  • Why read when you can watch the movie.
    A lot of books are adapted into movies and TV series but as good as they are, books are always better. To experience the emotions and situations in so much detail in a book is an experience you are sure to cherish. Besides, when you read a book, you develop an imagination of your own unlike movies that present to you set visuals that leave no chance for you to develop your imagination. 
  • Books are dull.
    This is a very common myth. Many people feel sleepy in the beginning of the book and soon label the book as boring. Any book can feel that way to a beginner since the author sets a background to the story before jumping to the series of exciting episodes. So, be patient and give it time.
  • Fiction is for non-intellectuals.
    Many people believe that you don’t learn anything from fiction and hence it is a waste of time. This is so not true. Fiction is not just entertaining but it lets you run wild in the world of imagination and fantasy. It makes you creative, perceptive and fills you with ideas.
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Now, how to begin your journey of becoming a reader. It can seem like a tedious process at first but you will eventually realize that it actually relaxes you by taking you away from the monotony of your daily life. Here are a few tips which are sure to help you and make you an avid reader.

  • Start small. You don’t have to finish a book in a day or a week. Start by reading a chapter or a page and give it as much time it takes you.
  • Be regular. Don’t take a gap of days. Regular reading ensures that you don’t lose interest in the book and forget the storyline of the book you are reading.
  • If there’s a visual adaptation of the book you are reading. Don’t watch it before you complete the book. Nobody likes spoilers.
  • For starting, read a popular book or the one which truly piques your interest. If you read something you don’t like, you might develop a prejudice against books.
  • Set reading targets eventually. Don’t set Everest high goals which are not practical for you. Start by setting it a target of say ten pages and you will build momentum eventually.
  • Borrow time from something less important like scrolling social media news feed. 
  • You can even find a reading partner and discuss the books you read, discuss the plots, characters etc This is sure to keep you interested.
  • Set a particular time to read to instill it as a habit into your routine. Reading before you sleep or enjoying the book with evening coffee etc can be done to make reading a habit.

While it is recommended to start with a book you have already heard of and which is interesting to you, if you can’t decide on a book to start with, it is not a problem. Here are some recommendations for you from the popular genres, which stole the hearts of millions of readers worldwide.

If You like crime and mystery, try And Then There were None, Master of Games, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or The Da Vinci Code.

If You are into ‘horror’, try Night film, The Shining, Terrifying Tales, Goosebumps, The Exorcist or The Haunting of the Hill House.

If you are a rom-com reader, then you will love, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Red White and Royal Blue, Can You Keep a Secret or The Devil Wear Prada. 

If You love Fantasy then must try, Harry Potter, Lord Of the Rings, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Hunger Games, The Song of Ice and Fire or The Chronicles of Narnia.

If you are into Psychological thrillers, you would like, Tell Me Your Dreams, Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train, Woman in The Window or You.

If you are looking for recommendations for very young children, they may start with books from Roald Dhal, Enid Blyton, Neil Gaiman, R.L Stine or most importantly fairy tales.

You don’t have stick to these genres or limit yourself to only fiction, there are millions of books waiting to be read in the world. Pick one today. You will not regret it!


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