7 Ideas For Marketers To Evaluate For Faster Growth

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If you really have the acumen for marketing and entrepreneurship, you don’t really need to go to business school to know that successful marketing is all about effective strategies. How successful you are in marketing; will be dependent upon how efficient your strategies are.

And do you know what the beauty of marketing is? You don’t need a degree to craft great strategies. What really matters more than your business school degree is your acumen and of course some basic common sense.

But here is the thing. You can come up with some of the best strategies ever crafted, irrespective of who you are. How? Below, I’ve compiled 7 ideas that will help you come up with the perfect strategies.

1. What do you know about your audience?

The first step is to start with what you already know. This point involves knowing details about your target audience and matching them with your current audience.

Your current audience will definitely have some similarities with the people you are targeting. This increases your odds of conversion. Factors like age, which part of the city they reside in, and what kind of content they respond to? All of these factors can be extremely influential. As a marketer, you should look at them all, as insights.

2. Embracing social media

Arguably, social media marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing as over 3.6 billion people use social media globally. Well, the idea is to make the most of all your social media accounts on various platforms.

In this era of marketing, the way you handle your social media platforms will play a huge role in deciding how successful you are as a marketer.

I’m not here to guide you through that. That’s a discussion for another day. But I sure want to give you a small tip – be very mindful of the content that you post online.

3. Prioritizing audience preferences

The objective behind this point is to examine priorities, habits, buying behaviors, pricing preferred by customers, social activities, and other commonalities, preferred by your current audience.

This will help you discover what your customers respond to the most, giving you a window to craft the way ahead. You need to know what your audience wants from you so that you can respond accordingly.

4. Effectiveness of direct mail

One of the most effective ways to reach potential audiences, or to deliver some important information to existing audiences is direct mail.

You can inform your people about your offerings, seasonal discounts, offers, or new launches. Or, you can also send in customized mails to boost responses by up to 50%.

5. Point content towards your landing pages

If not all, most of your social posts, targeted digital ads, and all other content that you post online should point towards your landing pages. This will bring in new audiences that you are eyeing for.

This needs to be accompanied with strong calls to action that encourages page visits, based on your audience priorities. Also, you must ensure that once people are on these pages, they learn more about your business. This will further broaden the reach of your audience.

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6. Teaming up

In Microeconomics, there is a term called complementary goods. For example, tea and sugar. They do not compete with each other but target the exact same audience.

Similarly, in your business, you will have complementary businesses that target your exact audience but it’s not necessary for you to compete with them. Instead, you can collaborate and partner with such businesses. This way both of you get to leverage each other’s audiences – Win-win!

7. Omnichannel Marketing

Most previous points were about finding and discovering new channels for your businesses. This point is about ensuring that the various channels on which your business functions, function together.

Omnichannel marketing ensures that all your potential and current audiences receive a unified message which further reflects on your brand values and message.

Over to you…

The key to successful marketing is to keep trying until you hit the desired sweet spot. Keep up with your expansion, implement what you know, build on what you learn, and always lookout for something new. 


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