6 Simple Ways To Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

push yourself beyond limit
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We are taught a lot of things in school. But what we are also taught is how to live a life full of limitations, and stay average. Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, as we grow up, we wire ourselves to limit our possibilities for our future.

As we start to age, in our early 20s, we settle for jobs, whether or not it complies with our dreams. While in the process, we don’t strive for our ambitions, dreams, or goals and eventually lose life’s purpose.

The worst thing in life is not death but what dies within us while we are still breathing. Doubt, fear, and negative pasts kill your passions and dreams and hold you back from a very bright future. You definitely don’t want that for yourself. Below, we have rounded up a list of ways that will push beyond your non-existing limitations.

1. Find a Mentor

While you are busy doubting your potential, there are people who are intimidated by your potential. You just need to find someone to help you see it, what you cannot see yourself.

While a mentor is a term with a very broad meaning, finding someone who can assist you can also serve the purpose. Sometimes, all you need is a little push, a little encouragement, and someone to show you how strong you really are.

2. Your mindset is everything

When the world turns its back around you, you turn your back around the world. That is how it should be. By mindset, what we mean is how you actually think. There will be times when you face adversities and hardships. You can either rant about them and eventually, quit, or face them and look at them as opportunities to grow.

Michael Jordan said, “you should never quit because once you do, it becomes a habit”. But have you ever wondered why people quit? Because your mindset is trying to protect you for the short term, thinking that sticking anytime longer won’t be fruitful.

However, people who learn to ignore short-term happiness for their long-term goals and purpose always emerge out as winners.

3. Embrace bigger challenges

Whatever our careers maybe, the only way to move forward would be to seek growth. And you know what, growth is never possible when you are playing within your comfort zone. While all of us are fond of that zone, the harsh reality is you need to push yourself out of it. And how can you do that? By embracing challenges, you don’t pursue daily. Challenges bigger than yourself.

4. Don’t just chase what you know

In simple words, don’t run after mediocrity. Mediocrity definitely comes with a sense of security and safety. Plus, people also don’t judge you for making risky decisions. But it also restricts your life’s possibilities and traps you in an average living.

Ask yourself, what do you seek in life? If mediocrity is what you are after, the obvious answer would be no.

5. Visualize

This is getting popular day by day and we couldn’t have been happier. But I am not here to tell you that what you visualize would actually start to happen. No, it doesn’t and that is not the purpose of visualization.

While one law of the Universe says that your visualized thoughts gradually manifest in real life, it is yet to be validated. But, it for sure gives you a lot of strength to face the present. It also embeds a sense of motivation, purpose, and a desire to hustle every day.

6. Explore Spirituality

Contrary to the popular belief, spirituality is not about religion. But as the term says “Spirituality” is the combination of two words: Spirit + Ritual, where spirit means soul and ritual means staying in the present. No, it doesn’t imply worshipping a statue.

This is the reason why, for some people meditation is spirituality, and for some people visiting the church everyday spirituality. Talking about church, people living in Melbourne should definitely visit Planetshakers Church Melbourne.

In the end, let me tell you that you are capable of achieving the most audacious dreams, once you cross the mental blocks you have set for yourself. 


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