5 Best And Simple Ways To Keep Workaholism At Bay

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If work is all that is going on in your mind, you are definitely suffering from ‘Workaholism’. 

Workaholism has its own signs. Some of the most common ones include constantly checking your emails and giving out quick replies, always talking about work with your colleagues and nothing else, staying in office till late working, constantly on business and conference calls, skipping meals to use that time to complete a task, thinking about the work to be done the next day while going to bed at night, etc. 

While working dedicatedly with complete devotion towards your job is a good thing, there is a fine line between working efficiently and overworking. Once you cross that line, you fall in the trap of workaholism thus becoming an irritating and annoying workaholic. 

You as it is work for almost 8 hours a day, five times a week. How much do you really want to work? 

To prevent or save yourself from workaholism, here are a few tips: 

Switch Off 

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Know where you have to stop. Once your office hours are done, you have to switch off from everything that is work-related unless it is something really really urgent. Things which can wait till the next day do not need you to give them immediate attention. You must know when to stop and start with your work. After office hours end, you must devote all your remaining time to your personal life.

Stop Multitasking 

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Do not try to do perform various tasks at one single time. Take up your work one by one. Finish one work in hand, then take up the other. This will not just simplify your work but also help you in delivering qualitative work. If you take up various things at a single time, you will end up doing shabby work which is definitely not going to do any good. 

Invest in a Productive Hobby 

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Spending time out of the office doing something you love will work greatly to help you shed your habit of constantly working and thinking about work. Invest in a hobby you love doing. It can be anything from dancing, painting, playing a sport, cooking, etc. Just make sure it is something productive unlike laying on the couch and fixating your eyes on the screen. Your hobby must be something that involves somebody movement that will help in shedding stress.

Spend Time with Yourself

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Working 5 days a week for 8 long hours can be very exhausting and even chaotic. Make it a point to sit all by yourself for at least 10-15 minutes every day. You can either meditate or just sit with your eyes closed. The best you can do is maintain a journal. You can pen down your thoughts on it and catch up with yourself. It’s the best simple mental remedy ever! 

Make Time for Family and Friends 

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Constantly sitting in front of the computer/laptop screens, attending phone calls, conducting meetings and constantly talking about work can really bust your mind. You need a break. You can schedule dinner or even lunch dates with your family and friends at least twice a week and catch up on them. Get to know how your loved ones are doing in their lives. It is a good way to get your mind off your work for a short duration of time. You can also go on short trips with them over the weekend. 

Your work is always going to go on. It is you who needs to understand that and go a little easy on yourself. Workaholism isn’t healthy. It ruins your mental calmness, peace, and happiness. Don’t mistake your workaholism as your ‘love for work’. There will come a point where this ‘love’ of yours will start irking and frustrating you. Before this happens, quit becoming a workaholic.


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