2021 Fashion Tips That Are Within Your Budget

fashion tips
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It’s fair to say that usually staying on the fashion trend line can cause your bank balance to take a bit of a beating. On top of which quite often the styles that are apparently ‘hot’ tend to not be the most comfortable or versatile in nature.

2021 is something of an anomaly in many ways, not just from a fashion standpoint, and there is a real move to make this year’s trendy items those that are on the lower scale in terms of cost as well as being of an informal nature. We very much approve.

This means that the big budget fashion tips we suggest you follow for the summer and beyond are ones that are very much a winner when it comes to comfort and cost. To make things even easier for you to digest, here’s a list of the big styles to follow.

Get Yourself a Blazer, One that Goes With Everything!

fashion tips
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Oversized is in but as it’s the summer we’d suggest going for a nice airy blazer. Go for a nice forgiving cut and then dress accordingly underneath. In other words if it’s cool outdoors make sure to pair your blazer with a nice bulky belt to keep you protected from the elements.

If it’s a sunny day and you feel confident enough then you can elect to show off some midriff. As for colors this is a chance to show off with strong bold shiny designs and remember green is very ‘in’ right now. To keep costs down you should seek out a great second-hand blazer, there are loads to find.

Shoes Built for Distance as well as Design

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Now that coronavirus restrictions have relaxed for most of us, there is certainly a push to venture far more when outdoors. Lucky then that the shoe fashions for 2021 are rooted in comfort and stamina.

This year get yourself a pair of stylish loafers and also find a great set of platform sandals, these should be seen as mostly functional but there’s no reason they can’t also have a certain ‘pop’ to them.

Sunglasses, the Bulkier the Better

fashion tips
Photo by YURI MANEI from Pexels

It’s all about the straight edged and big designs when it comes to sunglasses and you can get great discount glasses online these days so don’t feel constrained to finding them on main street.

You can really push the envelope here and go with brightly-colored lenses and if you are brave enough maybe go with calm reds and showy greens. As far as fashion items that can be found within your budget, sunglasses are the easier nut to crack.

Hair Fashions That Are Inexpensive and Easy to Adopt

Again think relaxed with a side-order of style. Claw clips, tortoise-shell colored, along with having a few brightly colored scrunchies is all you need to make your tangled mess look like a stylistic decision.

Let’s be honest we’ve been stuck in doors for so long that we might not remember how to look our best. Fortunately the hair care fashions of 2021 have you covered and you can look your best without having to spend a fortune on a new hair style when your hair accessories can make your tired old hairdo look entirely new.

Sweater Vests

Photo by Laurentiu Iordache on Unsplash

This is great for the fall and a look that is great for layering. You may already have a trusty sweater vest in your wardrobe but if not you can get great designs at most retail outlets. 

Think preppy and cool colors and what you wear underneath can be dictated by the season as well as the overall statement you are intending to make with your ensemble.

Stylish Silk Scarf, Get a Bunch of Them

fashion tips
Photo by Kimiya Oveisi on Unsplash

When it comes to inexpensive fashion items for 2021, silk scarves should be your new best friend. These cost peanuts and are so versatile and pretty much THE fashion trend of 2021.

These can be worn in a million different ways and can be paired with most looks and the color and style palettes they offer are near-infinite. Monogrammed scarves are the stylish end of the silk scarf spectrum and you can also consider their use as a top or indeed as a way to keep your hair in check as a bandana.

Puffy Jackets for When the Weather Turns

Photo by Steven Van Elk on Unsplash

Yes, puffy jackets remain a favorite and again, as with many other items on your 2021 fashion bucket list, look to oversize (within reason). Go for hooded if the weather is particularly unforgiving. 

In terms of your budget these can be pricey so look to find one great puffy that fits a number of your chosen styles. It’s worth blowing a decent chunk of your fashion budget here as it’s an item you may be forced to wear for prolonged periods, depending on your location. 

For additional warmth you can look at quilted versions and again you can add some bling to these instead of sticking to the tried and tested dark colors here.

Belts, Belts and Belts

When it comes to accessories that are a great opportunity to be functional and fashionable, belts are a great place to start. 2021 is very much the year of chunky looks and a belt is a great way to rein in your oversized look and prevent you from becoming a walking marquee.

Belts go with just about every look discussed previously, especially well with blazers and paired with your silk scarf of choice.


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