145 (For 2 Persons Rs. 1500)


CUISINE: Fast Food, Beverages, Desserts

BITES AND BOOZE: We entered 145 on a Saturday evening and it was full of youngsters all over the place; at the bar, the pool table and huddled at the corner tables. The place is beautifully designed and has a very artsy touch to it, right from the ceiling to the floor. We started off with the Adam’s Godfather which had such a generous proportion of whiskey and a lingering aftertaste. The B52 is a shooter you won’t regret. The Cookie Shots are a must have out there, with the edible cookie glass to follow your drink. Buttery pav bhaji was served in delicious bread cones and upma polenta delicately complimented the traditional tandoori prawns. The Chicken Satay comprised of perfectly barbecued chicken served with a crunchy peanut sauce; coupled with the Watermelon Twist and a resounding taste of basil and ginger, made for the most delicious combination. Their signature dish is the Butter Chicken Bao, which is finger licking good. The fun doesn’t end here. The Red Velvet cupcake ice cream burger was the highlight at the end of the meal. Another must try dessert is the Nutella Cinnamon Roll. We ended the night with complimentary chewy cola and orange ice sticks which took us back to our younger, summer, after school days.
FAB OR DRAB: From the presentation of the food and drinks to the interiors, this place gets a big thumbs up. Not to mention the rates that couldn’t have been any lighter on our pockets. This place is a must visit and I bet it won’t be just once.

ADDRESS: 145, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai -Pearl Mathais


Volume 5 Issue 10


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