11 EdTech Tools That Make It Easy To Learn Spelling


Spelling is a topic that shouldn’t concern only school children. Namely, having good grammar is very important for adults too. According to many experts, grammar is essential when it comes to self-promotion and business promotion. Poor grammar can cost you a lot. Even if your claims that you are an expert or authority in some field are true, poor grammar will make it difficult for many people to trust your words.

Truth be told, writing, spelling, and grammar are not the favourite activity of many people. If you are one of them, you should know that there are many EdTech tools that make it easy to learn to spell. Technology has advanced a lot in the last few years and there is no excuse for poor spelling. In order to save you some time, we have decided to create a list of 11 EdTech tools that can help you with this task.


NeuroGrammer might not be the fanciest software solution for your spelling needs, but it is definitely efficient one. This EdTech tool represents a sophisticated grammar and spelling checking software for people interested in getting explanations about their mistakes. So, you will not only get corrections, but you will actually learn how to avoid spelling mistakes in the future. The software also provides word suggestions, a free dictionary, and other useful features. It can be used only as a standalone software app.


Although Paper Rater can be useful for all categories of people, the fact is that this EdTech tool is used mostly by students. Thanks to this tool, they can easily check their academic papers. Spelling and grammar check, readability info, word choice and word placement analysis, plagiarism checking, proofreading – these are just some of the options you can expect from Paper Rater. That’s why this tool is so popular among bloggers too. Paper Rater is free to use but has advanced features that are available only to premium members.

Atomic Writer

Now here’s an example of excellent software that can improve your spelling skills and writing skills in general. It was created with bloggers’ needs in mind. Namely, besides spelling, you can also learn and correct grammar, check post length, paragraph density, sentence complexity, and many other things. Users can add this application in their WordPress admin panels or download it for browsers.


This is one of the fastest growing software solutions of this kind today. Grammarly provides quick proofreading of texts of any size and scope. In this way, users can easily fix their spelling mistakes and common punctuation errors like comma splice for example. Just like many other EdTech tools like this it comes in a free and paid version. Both versions can be integrated into popular browsers and even in MS Word.


Named after the famous writer, this application is perfect for bloggers who are not great fans of downloading separate software on their computers. With the help of Hemingway, you can check grammar, spelling, readability and punctuation. Additionally, the app provides alternatives and suggestions to your sentences and words. It works perfectly with short sentences and not so well with long sentences.


If you are interested in using premium-quality tools that can help you learn spelling words, then you should definitely try White Smoke. This software with an interesting name is available on all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers etc. Correcting and learning spelling words with White Smoke is very simple and easy. On top of that, it can also help you correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation if needed. The mobile version is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Writing Papers

On this site, you can get your writing checked by native speakers to improve your written English. This tool can help anyone who wants to practice writing but needs a professional native editor and tutor to identify mistakes and explain how to eliminate them.


Online spelling and grammar checks have become much easier ever since the introduction of Proofread Bot. This specially designed software is available for Google Chrome Docs, Microsoft Word, Drupal, WordPress, and Facebook. Use it to learn how to spell and keep your professional image. Unlike Hemingway, this software is actually fond of longer sentences with complex words.


Do you want to spell as a pro? Try Pro Writing Aid. This software is focused on eliminating all spelling and grammar errors from your content and improving readability of your content. In order to use, you have to become a registered member, but luckily this registration is free and quick. Pro Writing Aid is also available in the form of a plugin that can be used in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Google Chrome, and API. Interactive editing is available for a certain fee.


Ginger is a grammar checker EdTech tool that is suitable for every category of people looking to enhance their spelling skills. Without any doubt, this tool deserves to be on every list of best grammar, spelling, and proofreading tools. What is even more interesting is that Ginger provides contextual spelling correction which means that it brings spelling checks on a higher level. There is also an option to rephrase existing sentences and to correct misused words. With its help, users can improve their writing productivity. It is also worth mentioning that this tool is available online and in the form of standalone software that can be used offline too.


The OnlineCorrection is an EdTech tool with a simple name that provides amazing results for those who want to learn to spell and improve their grammar in general. This is a tool with a simple user interface which means that it can be used by people that don’t have any experience with such tools. Everything about this software is plain and simple and the results are fantastic. There is a text box that works as an online editor where people can check the spelling suggestions in red color and grammar tips and suggestions in green color.

Spelling and grammar are important in business and everyday life. Try these specially designed EdTech tools to improve your skills and avoid making mistakes in the future.




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