10 Things That Make You A Badass Woman In The Indian Society

Badass Woman
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If you are ‘sanskar’-less, you are a damn badass woman. Badass is a term we often use for people who are difficult, tough and intimidating. Unfortunately, I have seen people using this term for girls who do absolutely normal things. So, to be precise, if you do something that is even slightly un-girly, then bam! You become a badass woman. 

Let’s look at some of the absolute common activities that women do which makes them a badass in the Indian society. 

1.“Hawww!! She drinks and smokes!

Badass Woman
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Okay, so what? What is the big deal? Not once will this reaction come if a guy is seen drinking and smoking because obviously, he is a ‘man’. But if a girl is seen with a cigarette in her hand, God be with her. We seriously need to train our eyes and mind to the visual of a girl drinking and smoking, and no there is no need to question her ‘character’.

2. “Don’t you have any shame?”

Badass Woman
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Guys can openly flirt, eve tease girls and also crack double meaning jokes. That is fine, but girls sure have to stay within ‘limits’ because ‘sharam aur laaj aurat ka gehna hota hai’. So girls can’t talk openly about sex and periods, something which is given to them naturally. With this, talking freely about masturbation is a pure sin!  

3. Isn’t your skirt a bit too short? 

Badass Woman
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Too much cleavage showing? wearing hot shorts? off shoulders? legs exposing from a short dress? Yeah, you are a badass! So be it. Pull off that badass tag in a sassy way.   Remember ladies, it’s our body, our lives and our money. We can buy and wear whatever we feel like.

4. “You can’t stay out till late”

Badass Woman
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If you step inside the house post 10 pm, your neighbors are probably thinking “what kind of a girl is she? Returning late from clubbing it seems”. This makes you a badass. Partying and clubbing till late at night and ringing your doorbell post 10 pm doesn’t look good for a girl but a boy can walk in even at 4:00 am. 

5. “Awaaz neeche”

badass Woman
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Eyes to the ground and head bowed low: ‘ethics’ that have been instilled in most of us since childhood. A girl must never never argue and raise her voice, that is what some believe our culture says. So if you are a girl who argues, believes in being heard, and fights rightfully for what if yours, then congratulations! You are a badass woman. 

6. Independent women are the most dangerous 

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There is nothing more dangerous and equally sexier than a woman being independent. If you live alone and are in love with your independence, then people are going to fear you. This independence of yours makes you a badass woman. However, if a man owns a house and lives independently, then it’s absolutely normal. 

7. My life my rules

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Well if you are earning sufficiently, living independently, you need not be bound to follow and do what anyone else tells you to. You can take life decisions on your own, you don’t have to ask permission to go out anywhere, and can do what you feel is right. This too makes you a badass. 

8. A boss lady scares the shit out of people!

badass woman
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You go, boss lady! A woman who has people working for her, burns down people, to ashes and it’s fun to see that. A lady who is also a boss is a fact difficult for some to digest.

9. “Tumhe gaadi chalani aati hai?”

badass woman
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Now, what is so unusual about this? What makes people think that girls can’t drive. Just like guys girls too have brains, hands, legs, eyesight and every other thing that driving demands. 

10. If you go on a solo trip

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I think every girl must go on a solo trip at least once. There will be many telling you, “how can you go alone?”, “take someone with you”, “why do you want to go alone,” “going alone won’t be safe”, so on and so forth. Know that you alone are capable of taking care of yourself and travelling alone. If this makes you badass then be it. Go ahead and do it nevertheless, because it doesn’t look like the society is going to wake up to normalising any of this. 

Girls who do the above-listed things are considered badass not because they ‘shouldn’t’ do it but because they ‘can’ do it that some people clearly don’t like it.


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