10 Signs That Tell You That You Prefer Pets Over People

love for pets
Image Credits: Love For Pets

People can be too much to handle. With all the unnecessary drama, emotional conversations, social parties, fake smiling and laughing on something very lame just because all around you laugh, you just sometimes get done with humans. If you always feel ‘done’ with humans and find yourself spending more time with your pets, you might just have chosen them over humans. 

Here are the signs if you are choosing pets over humans:

Your phone and laptop are flooded with pictures of cute dogs, cats, tortoise, etc. instead of your friends and family.

Image Credits: Furbo Dog Camera

You can go hours talking to your pet 

Image Credits: Town & Country Animal Hospital

You choose to ditch all your friends on a weekend, cancel all your plans, and choose to laze around with your pet 

love for pets
Image Credits: Youtube

You stop anywhere on the road when you spot a cute animal just to play with the

Image Credits: Carnivor Veteriner Klinigi

You can’t wait to finish work and rush back home to play with your pet 

Image Credits: Giphy

All you have got to tell your friends is only about your pet 


You need your pet by your side while sleeping at night

love for pets
Image Credits: Well+Good

No matter how sacred your guests are of an animal, you refuse to lock your pet in a room 

love for pets
Image Credits: MRW.Gifs

You maintain a cold relationship with people who say they hate animals 

love for pets
Image Credits: Gfycat

If your pet disliking towards a particular person, you do too 

Image Credits: cellcode.us

Ticked off all right? 


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